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Thread: Buying a 53 Olds 88

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    Buying a 53 Olds 88

    I always hate these posts, especially as a first, but I'm wondering what the value of this car is. With a second set of twins coming, I won't have time for four wheeling, so I'm considering trading my jeep for this 53 Olds.

    It's been converted to a 350 and powerglide, has some faded original paint and needs interior work. Has some rust in the trunk pan, but nowhere else. Overall it's a pretty solid start, although I would have preferred the original motor.

    Any thoughts as to the value of this vehicle? Also, what typical trouble spots are there in these cars, what should I be looking for?

    Thanks for any help!


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    Re: Buying a 53 Olds 88

    I can't be of much help with the value part of your question, but I know I would trade a Jeep even up for that car any day of the week.

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    Re: Buying a 53 Olds 88

    Thanks, the jeep isn't quite your typical jeep, either:

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    Re: Buying a 53 Olds 88

    I'm not familiar enough with Olds of this vintage to give you an idea about the value. Perhaps if you look in Hemmings & in the completed listings section on Ebay you may get some idea of what people are asking & what they're going for.

    In my opinion, replacing the Olds drivetrain with a Chevy gives the car 2 1/2 strikes against it right out of the gate, regardless of how nice the rest of it may be.

    Looking at these pics, it appears that the door jambs are a different color than the body of the car. Did the car have a cheapie resale red repaint? Makes me wonder what other corners they cut.

    If you're looking for a project & you can pick this car up for a song, it may be a good starting point. It's always harder to undo previous mistakes, so anticipate plenty of headaches related to someone else's half-baked "restoration."

    If you're looking for something to drive & enjoy, this may not be the right car for you, regardless of whatever line the seller may be spouting about its great "modern" drivetrain. If you really have your heart set on an Olds of this vintage, these cars aren't so rare that you'd search for years to find a decent one that hasn't been bastardized.

    Good luck with your decision.

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