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Thread: Yet another Packard Question

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    Yet another Packard Question

    I would like to thank y'all on the background on the V8's of '55 and '56. I have another Packard question now for y'all. How long were the 110 and 120 produced?

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    Re: Yet another Packard Question

    The first year for the 120 was 1935; for the 110 1938. I believe both were discontinued in 1942. Someone else can verify that, but I think that is correct.

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    Re: Yet another Packard Question

    The 120 introduced in 1935. The six was introduced in 1937, called at various times 115C, Six, 110. In 1938 the 120 was called the Eight. When did they end? The name in 42, but the Clippers and bathtubs had the continued models in the newer bodies. So the 110 line really died with the 22nd series (I don't think there were 23rd series sixes). The 120 line in the form of the 282/288 ran until the V8's.

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