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Thread: Tire ?

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    Tire ?

    I know my tire size is 760-15 but i was wondering what is the correct
    whitewall size....2in, 2 1/2in, 3 in because i will be needing tires soon
    the ones on there now are made by sears. They are pretty old (huh)... <img src="" alt="" />

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    Re: Tire ?

    you might consider going to radials, i took the old bias ply tires gave them away. i replaced them with 237/75/R15, you should be able to get these from coker in a white wall for about the same amount. it has made a huge improvement in the ride quality and it handles much better as well. as far as the white wall size i would go for the 3" but keep in mind they are a lot of work to keep clean if you drive your packard a lot.
    just a thought
    anything above this line may be influenced by beer and/or cheetos

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    Re: Tire ?

    Thanks Tom, I do want to keep the 3 inch white wall size and for radial's im want to keep the period correct bias belted tires on there....Thanks "G"

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    Re: Tire ?

    I too gave away the bias ply tires that were on my '56 when I bought it and put on Coker radials, 3". There are factory photos of '56 Packards in showrooms with the narrow white wall, but I think the wide looks better. Have never regretted the switch to radials.

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    Re: Tire ?

    I also did away with the 1960 Montgomery Wards nylon tires on my 56 400 and put Coker radials on. They ride great and no harm has been done to the car if someone wants to put the car back to original. The handling and ride are well worth it. Joel

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