I've read a few posts on various forums that Pennsylvania requires seat belts in antique cars. Here's one such post from the HCCA Forum:

"My Hagerty IOnsurance Sponsor: tells me 2010 Pa.
Requires all Vechicals 1900-2010 to Have Seat Belts.

Yes: even my 1900 E.R.Thiomas Buffalo;
Pa. Is 100% Serious, and if you do Not Have Seat Belts, Your Antique Insurance is NOT in effect. Meaning you are 100% liable,
and Can be Heafty fined for Driving with NO Insurance.

Also be Ware New England Has this 2010 EPA Region #2 Emission Table for all Cars Before 1968.

Pre 1968 Auto Max Carbon 8.5 1400 ppm.

Yes: they are Serious Fine is $2,500, Conn. and Mass. require Label you have Had this done;

Hobbie was Easier 50 Years ago"

Is this true?