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Thread: 1929 Stutz reverse lockout cable

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    1929 Stutz reverse lockout cable

    My question is what is needed to access the reverse lock-out cable passing through the shift lever?
    The pull cable is not preventing from engaging reverse accidently.Also does someone have a pic of the hardwire that retains the emergency brake drum at the rear of the transmission?

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    Re: 1929 Stutz reverse lockout cable

    I think what you're referring to is not the reverse lockout. If your car has the Detroit Gear 4 speed, to engage the first gear stump puller gear you have to pull up on the flange below the shifter knob and move the sifter to the far left and towards the dash. You cannot access this gear while the car is moving, only when at a dead stop. You will never use this gear while normally driving the car. There is no reverse lock out on these transmissions. And what passes through the shift lever is a solid rod, not a flexible cable.
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