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Thread: VIN/Chassis number location on 37 zephy, Help.

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    VIN/Chassis number location on 37 zephy, Help.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction as to where the chassis may be stamped with the vin number on my 37 Zephyr. I have had a quick poke around but come up with nothing so far.
    Also were there any identification tags/plates anywhere with the number on , and does anybody re-produce them . I have two plates on the bulkhead (passenger side) but can't make anything out on them.

    Thanks Paul.

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    Re: VIN/Chassis number location on 37 zephy, Help.

    This was posted in 2004 by V12Bill. Hope this helps.

    There are three locations for VINs on 36 - 48 Lincolns.
    #l Left side front cross member next to waterpump
    #2 Left rear frame rail at level with shock absorber arm
    #3 Transmission housing just above clutch inspection plate. Not reliable since transmissions have been known to be replaced.
    Since this Q comes up every couple of months, maybe this should be posted on the Web Site under FAQ.

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    Re: VIN/Chassis number location on 37 zephy, Help.

    The 2 tags on the dash are the patent plate and the body ID tab. The body tab has the style and sequence number on it.

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