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Thread: Lincoln Model L Boattail Speedster

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    Lincoln Model L Boattail Speedster

    I see that VOLOCARS has a 26 boattail speedster. I can't find anything about this model except what they have on their website. Does anyone know anything about this model? Is it a real production car or something one off or put together? Does it appear in any sales literature?
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    Re: Lincoln Model L Boattail Speedster

    Your questions will be answered in a book titled Runabouts and Roadsters, by author Bob Stubenrauch. New copy is listed at $157, but you can get good pre-owned copies, with half a dozen listed between $14 and $25. It is a good book, with multiple pictures and a story on each of the featured cars. If you chance not to know how to find these on line, send me a private message. This custom body type was obviously not common, but at least there is one recorded in that book for us. I have a sad recoverable 1926 here to restore, and I shall have to frame and panel a body for it. I first saw one which was not available when I was at university; and it has only taken 50 years to get one for myself.
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