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Thread: 67 conti convert rear deck lid issue

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    67 conti convert rear deck lid issue

    Hey Guys Back For Help

    I had the hydraulics and relays restored in my 67 link conti convert approx 1 year ago...have not had any problems until yesterday..opened deck lid to put roof down and I noticed the top flap was hanging a little low on one side..when it came down it did not seal...I kept trying to lower it and it eventually sealed evenly in the down position..however, when i tried to raise the roof again the deck lid unscrewed and lifted about 4" and then its just stuck there can't raise or lower....just hear I do have a weak battery..there is a major drain and unless I remember to loosen battery cable battery gets real low..however still enough to turn car not sure its battery related.....hydraulic or do I get the roof open to get at I take back seat out and jump relays?



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    Re: 67 conti convert rear deck lid issue

    You're at the point where the hydraulic pump should start running. The trip switch may not have made contact because it is out of adjustment. Hold the top switch in the up position and try lifting up on the deck lid and see if the pump starts. If not, it could be a bad pump, relay or switch. Try contacting the person who restored the hydraulics and relays.

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    Re: 67 conti convert rear deck lid issue

    Thanks Dave
    It turned out to be a gear in the lift motor for top panel...Thanks again

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