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Thread: 48 Continental front fenders

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    48 Continental front fenders

    Hey everyone i'm looking for a pair of decent front fenders for my '48 Continental. I'm hoping that I don't have to remortgage the house to get them. If anyone knows of a pair for sale email me at or post response on this site. My car has maroon/red with broadcloth seats the only piece of rug I have came from the rear floor. It's taupe/tan with red leather binding. What is the correct color for the carpet and binding. Thanks George.

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    Re: 48 Continental front fenders

    I am in northern oHIo and have some in storage..where are u?? Merv A. in CA can help..shipping is issue...

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    Re: 48 Continental front fenders

    i am in orlando fla. i have a pair in good condition. shipping is a big deal, contact me if i can help.

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    Re: 48 Continental front fenders

    Merv Adkins here in Pomona is the King of Lincoln! Contact him!
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    Re: 48 Continental front fenders

    Thanks for the reply. I spoke with Merv last year at the Lincoln N.H. meet. The price was a bit scary. Plus the cost of shipping from the west coast to MA. I've spoken to Ray Wilks and that looks promising and i'm waiting to hear from Mssr. Bwatoe. I'm in no hurry so something will work out. George

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    Re: 48 Continental front fenders

    Did you ever get your front fenders for the 48. I have a friend in Ohio that has a lot of parts he inherited and I know he has good front fenders. Lee

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    Re: 48 Continental front fenders

    Hi Lee no I didn't do anything about the fenders. Relatives visiting and some medical issue with family has put it on the back burner. If you would check with your friend and email me at I would appreciated that. Please put "Lincoln fenders" in the subject space so I don't delete the email. Thanks George.

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