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Thread: 39 thermostats

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    39 thermostats

    Does anyone know the part number of the thermosts that will work in the 39 v12, so I have something to tell the guy at NAPA. Thanks, Dave

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    Re: 39 thermostats

    Dave, these thermostats slip inside the upper hoses and are rated 155 to 170 deg's. I rather doubt that NAPA still carries these? They were used in '35-'36 Fords and all V12 Lincolns. I believe Earle Brown can supply these but they are a bit pricey. They also made an aftermarket version where you cut the upper hoses and inseted them between the 2 halves of the hose.

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    Re: 39 thermostats

    Thanks peecher, I was looking for just a cheap thermostat same diameter as the hose ID, to sit on top of the head, held in place by another hose clamp.

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    Re: 39 thermostats

    Dave, these devils run on the "warm" side so I'd pick something that has the least amount of blockage when wide open and I would not insert it into the outlet on the head.

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    Re: 39 thermostats

    Dave, Dole Mfg was a suppler of the thermostats for Ford. Model BF. Also another brand was "Hadees" their model # is H 50-HT. Look under "early Ford V-8 parts" on eBay...these thermostats pop up as they are also used on the Ford flatheads of the 30's and 40's.

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    Re: 39 thermostats

    Boos-Herrell has them in their catalog, listed at $45 for repros and $115 for original.

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    Re: 39 thermostats

    I found buying a late model regular thermostat and assembling it by soldering it to the old thermostat housing works.

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    Re: 39 thermostats

    What are you trying to accomplish with the thermostats?? They are designed to make engine heat up..
    -Yes engine needs to reach operating temp for best performance.
    -Yes, for "show points" you need the little signode wire bands on the hoses (I believe)
    -Yes it had stats installed when new.
    But- its not new, very few drive in zero degreee weather needing hot water heat, most v-12 blocks have some
    degree of rust buildup inside uncleanable passages..restricting flow, impairing cooling / heat transfer..many radiators
    have less that 100% circulation, less than desired heat transfer..very few spend much time cruising steady down the highway for
    lots of air to pass through radiator...
    So, skip the stats, let your car cool as much as possible..with as much circulation as doesn't need them to slow down
    flow or any nonsense like that..but try 'em and see. I did and it raised temps 10 degrees..

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