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Thread: SoCal Antique Studebaker Chapter - We're Official!

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    SoCal Antique Studebaker Chapter - We're Official!

    We are pleased and proud to announce the formal approval of the SoCal Antique Studebaker Clup. This is actually the Pacific Southwest chapter, and is open to anyone interested in Studebakers. The only chapter membership prerequisite is membership in the National Antique Studebaker Club (telephone toll-free 1-800-527-3452 for details on national membership).<P>Plans include tours, get-togethers, technical support, parts/literature exchange and anything else that the membership would like to do. <P>Our first meeting is tentatively planned for July 28, 2002 in Long Beach, CA. Contact either Rick Peterson or me at for additional details or to receive a courtesy copy of our first newsletter. <P>Neil Maken

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    Re: SoCal Antique Studebaker Chapter - We're Official!

    I got my courtesy copy of the So Cal Chapters 1st newsletter. Excellent!!!! Count me in. I will be there on the 28th. <BR>Neil, you did a great job.<P>The Commander.. [img]images/icons/cool.gif" border="0[/img]

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    Re: SoCal Antique Studebaker Chapter - We're Official!

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    Re: SoCal Antique Studebaker Chapter - We're Official!

    **************************************<BR>I have taken the liberty to post this notice.<BR>Did you mark your Calender!<P>Sunday, July 28th is the first meeting of the Antique Studebaker Club here in Southern California. To say that we are gratified by the early response would be<BR>an understatement. We're thrilled!<BR>And we plan on rewarding you for your support with a couple of interesting events this year, and even more next year (let us crawl before we run, please!) But the meeting that we have planned for Sunday is an important one. <BR>We will be selecting and electing a slate of officers to take us into the year, and we'll be listening for your input and ideas of what you'd like to do, as a club.<BR>For those of you in South Orange county and San Diego county, we especially need your help. We realize that it's a stretch for you to constantly come to us, but if we can build an adequate and interested base in<BR>South county and San Diego county, sure, we'll come down to you. Please get in touch with me, by phone, email or at our meeting to discuss this. <BR>As a reminder, we're meeting at 11AM at Johnny Reb's restaurant in Long Beach: 4663 Long Beach Blvd, about two miles north of the 405 freeway at Long Beach Blvd. exit. We'll have a quick no-host lunch and a brief, but important meeting and then there are two automotive places-of-interest in Long Beach - only a couple of miles from each other - to which we are going. One is a fascinating museum and working restoration shop where you can poke through automotive junk and treasures to your heart's content. The other is a working automotive dealership that _used_ to be<BR>the Studebaker dealership in Long Beach (my '26 Stude Club Coupe originally was purchased there) and the walls are lined with photographs of how it was, way<BR>back then....<P>Please join us, and if it can't be in a Studebaker,<BR>that's fine too. Just come. A modern car is fine.<BR>Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.<P>Neil Maken<BR>(714) 963-2474<P>The Commander [img]images/icons/cool.gif" border="0[/img]

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