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Thread: Anyone know a Victor Tomasso?

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    Anyone know a Victor Tomasso?

    I visited the Studebaker Museum in South Bend last year and saw a 28 President in two tone browns. The one color looks like a Mocca and the other like a coffie with a lot of cream.

    I understand that Victor donated the car to the museum. Andy at the museum can't seem to help me with the colors but did give me a name. (Andy has never been any help. He doesn't seem to want to help any Studebaker owner)

    I don't see a Tomasso in the registery so I hoping someone might know how to reach him.

    If someone knows the colors I'm talking about I could save a step.

    Restoring a 27 EW Commander


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    Re: Anyone know a Victor Tomasso?

    Andy is a big help if you pay him. (I'm serious)

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    Re: Anyone know a Victor Tomasso?

    Are you suggesting that I would have to PAY him to tell me the paint colors he used on the President he donated to the museum?

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