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Thread: rules for seat belts?

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    rules for seat belts?

    my 70 dodge challenger came with fixed shoulder belts that attached to the main belt on the tunnel end latch. If i add after markets with a retractable shoulder belt will i loss points?

    Also will after market belts in a car that originally had belts create a points loss?
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    Re: rules for seat belts?

    Simple answer - yes. Judging is done to original factory specs, any other is a loss of points.

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    Re: rules for seat belts?

    Just to expand on Sam's answer...

    The addition of seat belts in a car that did not have them originally would be accepted as a safety item as long as they are installed in a neat manner with good workmanship. The replacement of original seat belts with aftermarket seat belts of a non-authentic design, would potentially be subject to a deduction.
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    Re: rules for seat belts?

    Here is the actual rule from the 2013 Official Judging Guidelines. Located near the top of page 22.



    15. Seat belts and child restraints will be accepted if neatly installed.

    "Period correct", or as close as you can get, is always the best choice rather than obvious aftermarket items that stick out like a sore thumb.

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