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Thread: Water Based Paints

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    Water Based Paints

    Does anyone know if water based paints are available for the hobbyist and, if so, does anyone have experience with them? I'm told they've been in use for aprroximately 10 years or so by the major auto manufacturers but have never heard of a hobby friendly source. I bought a turbine paint spraying system by Graco and have decided not to use paints containing Isocyionates due to the damage they cause to the central nervous system and have opted to look for a more lung friendly solution. I would assume water based paints are the most environmentally friendly but don't know if they're available to the hobbyist. Thanks folks.

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    Re: Water Based Paints

    Well, it appears no one here knows the answer to this one. Try the following link. Maybe someone there can help. <BR> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A><p>[ 06-18-2001: Message edited by: MODEL A HAL ]
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    Re: Water Based Paints

    Thanks for the interesting web site, Hal. I've never found anyone who can answer the water based paint question so I'm not too surprised. It was worth a shot.

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