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Thread: Lycoming Torque specs

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    Lycoming Torque specs

    Does anyone have a good source for torque specs for a Lycoming 8cyl engine.
    Specifically its a 2H Lycoming 8 from a 1926 Gardner.

    I really just need rod cap and main cap specs now.

    I've tried looking online, but all I get are Lycoming aircraft engines.

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    Re: Lycoming Torque specs


    You might try contacting the AACA Library in Hershey: AACA Library


    According to a post on another forum, this person, 'Buzz' in NE Wisconsin (Groom Lake area) knows someone nearby to him who owns a 1926 Gardner amongst other cars. Perhaps this Gardner owner might have some specs and/or extra parts? OR

    The thread: :

    Playing hooky from the Imperial? CF

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    Re: Lycoming Torque specs

    Hey, closer to home, have you tried the Detroit Public Library Automotive History Collection? They should have a 1926 edition of MoToRs or some other reference material.

    Detroit Public Library / Auto History Collection

    Could also contact ACD Archives in Auburn. You should know where that is!! The 1926 Auburn used a Lycoming 8.

    ACD Archives

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    Re: Lycoming Torque specs

    Do you know about this website / group: Gardner Motor Cars

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    Re: Lycoming Torque specs

    Torque specs were not commonly provided by manufacturers in that era, and seldom used by mechanics when they were. In the absence of other information, you can take the application, thread size & pitch, hardness of the fasteners if known, and thread condition into consideration and then consult on modern fastener chart for guidance.
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