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Thread: Gas Tank Renu

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    Gas Tank Renu

    Has anyone had had any experiance with Gas Tank Renu? They refurbish gas tanks.......Bob.
    Bob Beck
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    Re: Gas Tank Renu

    Yes. I sent the tank from my 1940 Buick to the one in Pennsylvania. Cost me a bundle in shipping but was worth it. The tank was in pretty rough shape with literally thousands of pinholes, a major dent and pounds of rust and scale inside. They cleaned it, removed the dent and sealed it so that it is probably better than when new. Only problem is that the outside of the tank is coated with a tough rubberized plastic that will cost you points on a show car but certainly doesn't matter on a driver. I recommend them!
    Charles Grier
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    Re: Gas Tank Renu

    I too sent a tank to the one here in PA. Though not cheap excellent work. If a reproduction tank is available I would go that route however if not you will be pleased with Renu's work. They have a lifetime warranty but if you are doing a show car they will skip the exterior coating where seen by the eye, but the lifetime warranty is void. The interior coating is usually plenty.
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    Re: Gas Tank Renu

    Had mine done in Maryland. Sent in with dents and came back with dents. Luckily I did not get the heavy undercoating brushed on so I was able add plenty of plastic filler and paint it.

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    Re: Gas Tank Renu

    HAD them do my 68 300's tank back in 1998, its still holding up fine.

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