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Thread: Axle taper

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    Axle taper

    Can anyone tell me if the axle taper on older (obviously) Chrysler products is the same as GM????????
    Ultimately what I am wondering is can I swap a Chrysler rear axle housing and differential into my Pontiac if the length is the same. I realize there would be a change in spring perches and backing plates but these are easy swaps.
    Thanks in advance for you commets and information.
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    Re: Axle taper

    Tinindian, I have a homemade tractor with a 1940 Plymouth differential. If you want, I will pull a hub off and measure the taper on an axle. I assume you need diameters and length. It will be sometime next week before I can do it. Hope I can help. Richard Mauney in North Carolina.

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    Re: Axle taper

    This is not going to help much but on Plymouth there were massive changes to the rear axle design in 1933 and in 1936. And, at least for the 1936 changes, I think that the taper might have been modified.

    So even if you get a number for a 1940, there is the chance that it won't be the same taper as you find on a 1934.

    However all the above is from hearsay (I haven't personally had to do much with my rear end but have heard some from a fellow that was trying to piece together something for his 1933 based on a bunch of junk yard parts).

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