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    Old Fords

    While visiting an old friend at his apple farm the other day conversation came up about my Model A Huckster. One thing lead to another and he wanted to know if I was only interested in prewar Fords. When I ask why he took me out into the barns and showed me his old farm trucks. A 1947 Ford car, 1950 Ford car, 1950 Ford truck and a 1959 Ford truck. Except for the fact that like most farm trucks they were converted to farm wagons and the rear sections were removed and replaced with flatbeds for gathering crops they're nice and could be used for some great parts. The front clips were cut at the windshield stancheons but the running gear and front sheet metal is in great shape except for 40+ years of barn dust. I have taken some pictures and could get more info if anyone is interested in them. He'd probably part with them at a very reasonable price. Send me your e-mail if you would like pics. I don't believe he has any titles for them.
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