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Thread: All wood pedal car

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    All wood pedal car

    I have a MG-TC pedal car I built in 1984, I'm looking to sell or auction, any advice.
    Also have 1908 curved dash olds replica built in 1950s, need wooden spoked wheels and lantern lights. Any help out there.

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    Re: All wood pedal car

    ebay for sure with lots of good quality pictures & measurements.

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    Re: All wood pedal car

    Do you still have the pedal car for sale that you were going to put in the auction?
    I'm interested in purchasing it from you.
    Thanks, Bobcat6227

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    Re: All wood pedal car

    Both buyer and seller: I strongly suggest you both provide contact info.

    Seller, post some photos will got a long way to helping you sell your product.
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