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Thread: 1920-24 Studebaker Light Six parts wanted

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    1920-24 Studebaker Light Six parts wanted

    I recently bought a very rough 1923 Studebaker coupe. Please contact me at with any leads on original/parts cars of this vintage or spare parts for same. Need wood measurements in the floor/sill area. Also need trunk lid in any condition, a rim, tail light and possibly a cowl section(sedan or coupe will work). Thanks

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    Re: 1920-24 Studebaker Light Six parts wanted

    I have an N.O.S. Syudebaker ring and pinion set that may be right for your car. I'm not sure because I don't know much about early Studebakers. The pinion has 13 teeth and the ring has 52 straight cut teeth. The back side of the ring gear measures approx. 10" across. Is this something you need?


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