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Thread: Identifying a 200-4R transmission

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    Identifying a 200-4R transmission

    I am trying to figure out what car this transmission is out of, what year it is, etc. I have checked the code on the tag that's near the tail of the transmission, but the code on this one seems to not match up with any others I have seen...<P>it has a pink tag, which says KT F <BR>in large letters, and on below that are smaller numbers, 053 881KTF0155<P>I would appreciate any info anyone might have on this transmission. Thanks!<P>-Scott Marencic<BR><P><BR>[This message has been edited by Scott Marencic (edited 01-04-2001).]<p>[This message has been edited by Scott Marencic (edited 01-04-2001).]
    Scott Marencic

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    Re: Identifying a 200-4R transmission

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    Re: Identifying a 200-4R transmission

    Scott: I have a 200R sitting in my shop out of the car. I traded it for a 400. If you cannot find aout from the above suggestion let me know and I will look for # on my tranny. <P>------------------<BR>455 Ken 72 455 Skylark,97 supercharged Riviera

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