I have been reading a few posts here where members are asking how to update their suspension. Every project is different. It all depends on what your trying to accomplish. In my case I was looking for a car that retained a mostly stock looking body with a nice stance and a updated suspension. More of a Street Rod so to speak. Now I know that most of the members here prefer the original restorations and in some cases I would agree. In this build I mixed it up a bit buy using a 87' C4 front suspension a 66' 425 nailhead coupled to a SP400 and a 57-64 Olds/Pontiac 9.3 Posi. After looking at several different front suspension and doing a ton of research I chose the C4 because I thought it had the cleanest look and packed a big bang for the buck. I found a company in CA. Flat Out Engineering that makes a after market crossmember for the C4 components. Most of the crossmembers that Flat Out Engineering make are for pickups but, it just so happens that the crossmember that they make for 36-54 Chevy pickup measured 29-1/2". That just so happens to be the exact same measurements between the frame rails on my 57' Super. To add a plus to the situation the C4 tracking width is the same as the 57' Super 59-1/2". Well this was a no brainer. For the rear suspension I built a triangulated 4-bar. For the driveline I used a 2-piece from a 66' Wildcat. I did have to shorten it in the front and lengthen it in the rear. By using the 2-piece driveline I was able to adjust the pinion angle down giving me ample room for clearance in the driveline tunnel to achieve the ride height I desired. It is getting a bit late so I will continue this later and post some pics of my progress.