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Thread: 70 GS/GSX 3.42 posi rear

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    70 GS/GSX 3.42 posi rear

    Have a 70 3.42 posi rear from a Stage 1 for sale. Has been out of car and garaged since 1988. Functioned perfectly when removed. Am located in Kingston NY. Price is $750. Email if interested.

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    Re: 70 GS/GSX 3.42 posi rear

    Any chance of shipping?

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    Re: 70 GS/GSX 3.42 posi rear

    It will need to be picked up. I looked into shipping a rear from Tennesee last year and it needed to be crated and sent by truck. The price from there was about $350 to NY which was more that I was paying for it.<BR>

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    Re: 70 GS/GSX 3.42 posi rear

    Where is Kingston NY ?<P>Is that a 10 bolt and do you know if it would fit a '68 GS?<P>Thanks<P>------------------<BR>'68 GS400 Convert
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    Re: 70 GS/GSX 3.42 posi rear

    Kingston is about 1 hour south of Albany and 2 hours north of NYC. I am 5 minutes from the NYS Thruway exit.<BR>And yes it will fit a 68. In fact, it will fit 64-70 as is and 71-72 if using a 68 to 70 drive shaft. It is a 10 bolt Buick.<BR><p>[This message has been edited by (edited 12-28-2000).]

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