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Thread: 1963 Wildcat used parts, fits LeSabre & some of them fit Electra

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    1963 Wildcat used parts, fits LeSabre & some of them fit Electra

    1963Wildcat used parts: (2-dr., fits LeSabre, some Electra),LF & RF fendermldgs, 1” x 64” $17.50 ea.; window regulator, driver’s door $25; parking brakepedal & release assembly w/light switch & fuse block holder $25; trunkpanel exterior moldings 3/8” x 26” w/clips $10 ea.; trunk panel end moldings3/8” x 5” $7.50 ea.; lower door molding, 1” x 48” $20; hood lip molding, nds.replating w/all clips, $15; parking light assembly w/pigtail, clear lens, $15;have another parking light w/amber lens, $15; 6 diecast portholes, nd.replating $12 all; rear qtr. panel moldings, 92” x 1”, $30 ea. (+$55 shipping, at a minimum!); driver’s vent window assembly w/division bar ,decent chrome $50; hood center molding, nds. replating w/clips $15; tail lightlenses w/backing $12 ea.; tail light chrome housings, nd. replating $10 ea.;wiring harness for rear of car w/light sockets $20; wiring harness fromfirewall forward, factory A/C car, $25; pwr. brake reserve tank $5; radiatorfor auto. trans. car $70; most but not all factory A/C components, ducts,controls, dash outlets, evaporator & housing, dryer, exp. valve, hoses, allfor $100, front fenders w/fixable rust hole $60 ea. Plus shipping costs. PetePhillips, BCA #7338 (TX), 436-2851

    Also have doors (L. and R. for 2-dr. or conv.), hood, and trunk lid, all needing rust repair, but they are cheap. $25 ea.

    These are used parts, dirt cheap. If you want photos, add $5 to every item I have to pull out and photograph.

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    Re: 1963 Wildcat used parts, fits LeSabre & some of them fit Electra

    u may want to contact this guy
    '63 LeSabre exterior chrome

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