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Thread: 1957 Buick super

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    1957 Buick super

    need right side rear bumper end for 1957 buick super. Passenger side where the muffler comes thru.<BR>E-Mail

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    Re: 1957 Buick super

    Here is one possible source... this guy bought two 57's about a year ago and one was a parts car. Give him a ring...oops, e-mail.<BR> his name is Bob. If I can find any more information or sources I'll let you know. Good Luck.<BR>Mike<P>------------------<BR>Mike Grosshans<BR> FFNitro@Netscape.Net <BR>303-755-2114<BR><B>BCA# 36411</B><BR><I>56' Special<BR>57' Special</I>

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