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Thread: Removing Console Cover

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    Removing Console Cover

    I want to remove my console cover to get under my ashtray. I see some pretty interesting things down there. I suppose stuff has fallen through the ashtray holder.<P>I see there are screws on either side of the console along the sides of the carpeted area. Do I remove these? I want to be sure I can get it back togethere before I start.<P>Thanks!!

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    Re: Removing Console Cover

    My '88 removes as follows;<BR>Remove the Shifter Knob (Staple on the fwd. side) Remove the two screws in the ashtray well. Trim panel around the shifter prys off and beneath that are a couple more screws, and voila!<BR>The panels along the sides of the console are removeable but will not get you where you are trying to access.
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