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Thread: Positive Battery Cable

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    Positive Battery Cable

    Need some help on the connection away from the battery.

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    Re: Positive Battery Cable

    Whats your quection?

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    Re: Positive Battery Cable

    I'm looking for an easy way to replace the positve battery cable. I have the original setup that is inside a sleeve that runs to the bottom of the frame. Then it looks likes the two lines head in different directions. One comes up and finishes in an easy spot above the engine block. No problem with that one.

    I can't tell where the other line ends up and it looks like it's tough to get at.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Positive Battery Cable

    Other one generally goes to the starter.

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    Re: Positive Battery Cable

    There is not a clear picture in the manual but there should be (1) wire going to the starter (2) wire going to altenator (3) wire going to power junction box(red box) on right fender behind the radiator holding tank.

    The current GM part number is 12157312 for positive
    12157311 for negative cable.
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