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Thread: Need Advice Removing Center Console & Wires

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    Need Advice Removing Center Console & Wires

    Previous owner had a portable satellite receiver installed in the car (the holder for the receiver would attach to an HVAC vent). He had this 'holder' wired so the receiver would have power (and I assume sound would come out of the speakers).

    Below is a picture of the two wires that would connect to the receiver. The wire highlighted with the white arrow was for power and I assume the other wire noted by the red arrow was wired to the speakers. Question do I go about removing the wires? I know neither lead to the back of the radio. Is there anything I should be aware of before removing the center console to remove the wires (never removed the center console before)?
    Do you think its necessary to disconnect the car battery?

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    Re: Need Advice Removing Center Console & Wires

    It can't hurt to disconnect the battery, but it's probably no nessacary.

    The console cover is easy to remove.
    1) Open the arm rest and remove the plastic bucket liner.
    2) Remove the two phillips screws near the latch for the console arm rest.
    3) GENTLY pry the top piece (black piece) away from the silver/chrome piece.
    4) Remove ash tray and unscrew single phillips screw.
    5) Remove screws up front near cubby hole.
    6) Gently remove silver/chrome piece. Unplug ash tray light and cigarette lighter power.

    From there, I would probably just take the wires and throw them in the console. Lots a room down there, and they're not affecting anything.

    Then just do this inverse to reassemble the console.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Need Advice Removing Center Console & Wires

    Ervin - Ronnie has this covered quite well in the Repair Section of his Journal.

    Excellent reference.

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