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Thread: Headlight motors

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    Headlight motors

    On my 90 model reatta the headlight motors are starting to act up. When you turn the headlights on they raise in a odd fashion or just part way and when you turn off they fall shut. Also when you turn the lights off the motors run for 20 seconds or so.. Is there a repair kit available with instructions?

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    Re: Headlight motors

    Further down the page, you will find 2 threads on headlite motors. Sounds like Barney Eaton's "Kits" will solve your problem. Good Luck.
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    Re: Headlight motors

    if your "bell cranks" are good, I'd buy the plastic bushing kit on ebay. I used those in my headlight motors and it fixed them right up. These goofy bushing-like things eventually disentigrate into crumbs and cause "lazy eye"
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