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Thread: "90 wiring diagram

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    "90 wiring diagram

    Would anyone know if the wiring diagram for a '90 is the same as a '91?

    I am trying to trouble shoot my ac, interior lights, chime, etc that will not work but I only have '89 and '91 manuals. Is one close enough for me to reley on for wiring for these?

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    Re: "90 wiring diagram

    Most of the 1990 wiring will be the same as the 1991.
    There were some changes under the hood....
    The wiring for the ABS will be different and
    when they changed from Teves to Bosch ABS this caused some of the A/C (under the hood) to be moved, but most of the parts that were moved did not have wiring.

    If you have something specific, I have manuals for all years and you could give me a call and we could compare the area you are working on.
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    Re: "90 wiring diagram

    The 90 FSM can be downloaded from You will need to register first.

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