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Thread: Sun Coupe vs. sunroof option?

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    Sun Coupe vs. sunroof option?

    I just purchased a 72 Skylark 350 Suncoupe. It has parchment interior with buckets, console, and sport steering wheel with door panels that have imitation wood grain. The 1972 Buick Dealer catalog list the sun roof as an option on all Skylark models. Does that mean that these were not Sun Coupes? It also lists the Sun Coupe as an option on only Skylark 350 Sport Coupes. Were these "Sun Coupes" special cars with manitory options. All Sun Coupes I have seen have had parchment interiors with buckets, console, etc... Were these "Sun Coupe" cars all optioned alike? If there is any one who can answer this riddle, please let me know.

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    Re: Sun Coupe vs. sunroof option?

    A cople of years ago I purchase a cut-off top from a '72 Suncoupe that showed up in a local salvage yard. It was a bucket/console eqipped car, dark blue exterior, white top and black interior. I know of another one that was yellow exterior, white top and brown interior. Just my personal observations.

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    Re: Sun Coupe vs. sunroof option?

    I believe the 1972 Suncoupe was a Skylark trim option that contained other mandatory options. These included badges, sunroof, 350 motor, among others. My 1972 Color and Trim Book says that when the Skylark 350 Suncoupe is ordered, it is available in 5 different colors of vinyl. It goes on to say that the sunroof alone may be special ordered on the Skylark, Skylark Custom, and GS Sport Coupe models. Because of option availability and being able to special order options, it is difficult to document a bona-fide Suncoupe. The VIN alone won't do it. The data plate provides many more valuable clues when deciphered properly. The ultimate is to also have the broadcast(build) sheet. Hope this helps.<P>------------------<BR>1972 GS 455 4-speed <BR>1990 Reatta convertible<BR>1990 Regal GS<P>[This message has been edited by GS455 (edited 01-07-2001).]<p>[This message has been edited by GS455 (edited 01-07-2001).]

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