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Thread: 1962 Dual Path transmission - Swap to another transmission ?

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    1962 Dual Path transmission - Swap to another transmission ?

    I am a happy owner of a 1962 Skylark - only one problem : I am on my third transmission !Have anyone out there made a swap to another automatic ? The car has a 215 engine. I am very happy to get info on this.

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    Re: 1962 Dual Path transmission - Swap to another transmission ?

    As the 215 V-8 was also used by Olds in the early '60s Cutlass and F-85s, there might be a different trans that Olds used than the Dual-Path Dynaflow. Don't understand why you're having that much trouble getting one to last unless there are valve body issues (warpage and/or pitting) that prevent the fluid from getting where it needs to go or from going places it shouldn't in a particular operational mode.

    Also, as the 215 V-8 tooling was sold to Rover in the '70s AND that engine family is still in use in more recent various Land Rover models, there might be some possibilities there too. Also be aware that any swap to a different trans can have floorpan clearance issues to deal with. Finding quality rebuilder parts and getting a quality rebuild would be the best way to go if you could, of course paying attention to the valve body condition issues I mentioned in the process.

    You could always convert it to a manual transmission that came in those cars back then too. Even a 4-speed option!

    There might be someone in the Skylark Club that could have some input on this situation too.


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