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    ?1941 56c

    I'm new to this forum so bare with me I'm looking for some info on a 1941 56c that is sitting in a barn down the road from me its in ruf shape but looks to be very complete. all the parts are there i think. can anyone give a ball park idea of value?? I'm into VW and can tell you anything you need to know about them but know nothing about this car. it apears to be prety rare?? is the car worth more than the parts or are the parts worth more than the car? what parts are hard to find? Thanks for the help! Todd

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    Re: ?1941 56c

    Where on the cape is this car? I am in Wareham and maybe I can help you with the value. I have a 1947 76c now that I am restoring. I am assuming it is for sale and you are interested

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    Re: ?1941 56c

    Hard to guess on value without seeing the car. If it's a basket case (rough) then I'd say $8-10,000, maybe as much as $15K if it is complete. Here's my 1941 Buick Buyer's Guide that may help you with your decision, including showing you what to look for when examining the car.

    They built 12,181 Super 2-door convertibles (56C) in 1941. They're not exactly rare, but they are highly desireable. There's a very nice one that is 95% restored on eBay right now that is starting at $30,000 and I'd say it's worth it. The car is registered with the Dual Carb Registry, entry #03-011 and I've conversed with the owner. It's a nice car. A perfect, Concours-quality car might be worth more than $50K.

    Parts are relatively plentiful for these cars, but if any parts of the top assembly and vacuum cylinders are missing, expect to spend a long time looking for them and to pay through the nose for them. Almost all the other parts are interchangeable with the much more common model 56S hardtop coupe as well as other 1941 Buicks.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.
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