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  2. 1956 Century - rough ride

    …. well George all I can state are the facts … a democratic commons is financed by the people for the people … and yes the commons as defined means society or social … kinda hard to run an equal democracy without including everyone … or by excluding the same … I have lived as a working adult in Ca since 1972 and was in the trades as well as real estate during that time and beyond and yes I have seen the difference things have become and why … but then again this is a car club so I will get off my soap box and get back onto my car lift …. ha …. peace - uncle dave
  3. 1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Hello Paul That person in the blue shirt is certainly Steve, he is our second son and probably the one who most takes after his father. Also in the photo is his son Otto, who poor boy, is car crazy too! You can only just see him right at the edge of the photograph. Otto is Steve's second son. Thinking about all this I am reminded that I am a second son too! I am also the one in my family who most took after my father. Bernie j.
  4. Original Delco Shock PN & Catalog Numbers

    Well just for the heck of it and for educational purposes … thought I would post this short dissertation regarding what I have learned about the brief history regarding the evolution of the Delco hydraulic shock … together with some photos and discussion regarding comparing and contrasting two types of Delco hydraulic shocks that occurred during this bumpy evolutionary process for the shock industry …. The shocks shown below are for my 57 Roady I have up on the shelf in my shop storage room …. When I originally posted I was looking into getting more comparative info regarding Delco shocks …. so I researched … … About 6-years ago I had purchased a NOS pair of of Delco H236's hydraulic Super Rides and then recently purchased a pair of Delco hydraulic Pleasurizers … as can be seen in the photos the H236 Super Ride pair are date coded 1963 and the Plearsurizer's are date coded 1968 … One source I contacted had an original 1957 date coded Delco Spiral pair and had an old Delco parts book and stated the following discussing about his pair of " Extra Control " spirals : "… I do not know the significance of the 1st line. 5 A 57 is the date code for the 1st week of May 1957. 5534431 is the GM part number that appears in my Buick parts books as specific to 1957 Super and Roadmaster "For use where more control is required", i.e., they are a heavy duty shock. S335 is the Delco catalog number for the after-market.. The diameter is approximately 2.05" (52.2mm). By the time Delco changed over to the green shocks they were using one front shock, part H-236, for all 1957 Buick models, whereas original equipment shocks were different for small vs large series models … " Discussion: Below in the photos you can see the diameter of these original date coded 1957 Delco S335's which no doubt have a very large internal valve/piston setup … no doubt engineered to take a little of the inherent sway float and yawl out of the boat like suspension ride of the 1957 Buick and may have been targeted for the ambulance crowd ….. also shown for your viewing pleasure is a side by side comparison of the larger diameter Pleasurizer shock to that of the Super Ride H236's …. The diameter size difference between the two may be due to an internal gas valving sleeve in the Pleasurizer as opposed to the previous H236 pair but the piston may be the same size … I note this because while on the " Pull Out " test I gave of the piston rod upper head from the housing on both of them the Pleasurizers exhibited a bit more resistance while both appear to have nearly the same push back down of the rod into the housing at about the same rate and resistance …. give or take … It may be interesting to note that shocks are actually designed to be not really " Shock Absorbers " but rather technically " Shock Rebounders " so that may be the reason for the similar return rates as opposed to the pull out resistances noted …. First up is a photo of the date coded 1957 Delco Spiral S335 and as the catalog stated " heavy duty shock where more control is required " and they are noticeably larger in diameter then the factory stock spiral were… thus the first 3 photos below illustrate these NOS spirals and their relative beefy size no doubt due to a larger piston/valve … these are indeed NOS but were sitting in a damp area at one time or another: O.K … So the next photo set illustrates views of the Delco Super Ride date coded 63 that started to replace the spirals which appeared sometime around 1962 or so and the Delco Pleasurizer that appeared around the mid sixties or so … this pair being date coded 1968: The next photo set illustrates a side by side comparison of the two Delco shocks : … Now below is a cross sectional Delco factory illustrated view of the Delco Pleasurizer shock … as can be seen the " Delco Genetron " may be taking up enough space inside the shell to account for the larger diameter size as compared to the Super Ride shock … what is not completely known is if the internal piston is larger as well as compared to the Super Rider and for that matter if the Super Rider piston is larger than the stock Delco Spirals that had been selling before and if Delco actually improved and enlarged the valve sizing or not and/or instead just replaced the spiral casing and kept the internals and boxed them all up into the new smoother looking " Super Ride" shock and gave it a new name … perhaps someone out there could post a viable explanation regarding where the spiral shock may have been internally different from the Super Ride shock or not …. … As can be seen in the last illustrated photo below Delco has gone to some extended measures to make the Pleasurizer a different animal all together … … The " Genetron" is gas filled and it is incorporated into the Delco hydraulic shock system offering perhaps either a little more " positive compression " or just a little more hype … you be the judge … perhaps this is the budding evolution hybrid of the gas filled shock with that of the hydraulic shock …. and what was to follow in just a couple years or so as Gabriel and some European brands such as KYB where beginning to edge into the market with their gas exclusives non hydraulic offerings …. marketed as an upgrade due to changing frames, unibody construction and or an evolution of changing front and rear end suspension systems …. All we know from experience is gas was noticeably stiffer and harsher then what we had been accustomed to with hydraulic shocks … So if anyone has anything to add we will not be " shocked " …. Also does anyone know if the old tale of storing your hydraulic shocks in the same position they will be installed equalizes the hydraulic fluid within the valve assembly or not … We have often been told that the old hydraulic shocks had to be set in the upright position for a day or so before install …..Perhaps someone could verify that as well ... It has also been mentioned that perhaps hydraulic shocks because they have been sitting around for years that the hydraulic fluid has broken down … Well my answer to that would be if the piston/valve assembly has been compromised and air has gotten into the system the fluid perhaps could be oxidized but if no air then the fluid should be fine … remember we are talking about the physical chemistry of a fluid not an oil …..…. Regarding why someone would want a hydraulic shock system in a suspension that was ideally engineered for a hydraulic rebound absorber we would then ask why would someone want to install a stiffer rebound rated gas shock into a suspension system not engineer for it as no doubt there are compromises with both systems .. as for me I will drive my 57's as they were engineered and intended ….. - uncle dave
  5. Minneapolis Moline built oodles of side valve engines.
  6. Least you got a response, that’s one better than me... not much point saying you’ve got all the parts and then not reaponsing
  7. 1956 Century - rough ride

    We're on different sides of that issue. I bought a house in 1974 for $53,500 and the taxes were $975. Next year $1,250, then $1,600, then $2,100 and had Prop 13 not passed, taxes would have been $2,800. My parents and uncle and aunt would have had to sell their homes. No one was painting or roofing or remodeling; neighborhoods were looking shabby. It all went for social programs. For 4 years after passage, streets were full of tradesmen's trucks performing long-deferred maintenance and improvements.
  8. DA 6 Dodge Brothers Engine and Trans for sale

    looks clean to me.
  9. I am hoping to get the fuel system back closer to what it originally was. Currently the mechanical fuel pump is not connected, but there is an electric pump that is wired on whenever the ignition switch is on. I want to re-connect the mechanical pump (I already bought a rebuilt one), add a parallel line to the electric pump with tees on both sides, and make the electric one switchable on/off as needed. It looks like the fuel line from tank to pump is 5/16". It also looks like new brass tubing comes in two common wall thicknesses - .014 and .029". I am thinking of using .029" brass with compression fittings. OK? Or should the line be copper instead of brass? Thank you
  10. make some room

    Congrats on your progress, and sorry to hear I missed you at Bakersfield! Not a total loss, I found a steering column and gear for my 24 4-banger.
  11. Today
  12. What to use to clean this?

    NO bleach. Bad stuff. It is staying wet. It won't happen if you garage the trailer. There are products made for that. Brands we have include 30 seconds (which is expensive). You want a moss, mould and algae biocide, such as you might spray on your drive or clay tile roof. The one I use is called Bio Shield. This stuff is bio-degradable. One should wear a respirator and gloves. I was told it breaks down in COTTON so wear cotton overalls. It doesn't harm plants. I have used it on the exposed aggregate concrete driveway, which gradually comes clean over a few months as the dead stuff is washed off. We have also sprayed it on our roof and it is coming clean now. The active ingredient is alkyl dimethyl benzyl amonium chloride, plus sodium carbonate. Other similar products contain a similar chemical. You could use it as a wash by hand or spray it on with the garden hose and wait for it to come clean.
  13. What to use to clean this?

    Not sure why this happen? It must be I am not using it..
  14. 1947 Buick Special original paint question

    Yes, I have same information for 1939 and 1941. I have information that I've compiled into an option code list that covers most years from 1938 to 1980. The only year I am missing completely is 1940 and I only have limited data for 1973-1974, but by that time most of the option codes weren't changing much from year to year, so any missing codes would likely be the same as in 1972 or 1975.
  15. It looks like the Sway bar that I have is for the rear not the front, sorry fellas, ill keep my eyes out for you.
  16. What to use to clean this?

    I have had good luck with magic eraser from mr. Clean. Just a little water and off it comes
  17. Oil leaks engine

    Mine is a 1930 Dodge Brothers with a Gemmer box. The O-ring was put in a groove cut into the sector shaft bush near the end. The semi-fluid grease doesn't leak much unless the box gets hot. Mine does get warm because being RHD it is near the exhaust manifold.
  18. 1941 Caddy "60 Special

    Not mine, but just saw this on CL.
  19. 58 Buick on Craigslist 2dr 6500

    Quite often these bastards are initially collecting your contact details from your reply to their bogus ad, for them to pass onto some other scammer to then use for a no good purpose. You just never know but none of it is good for you or me!
  20. 70's Chrysler Daily Driver?

    Out of everything presented in this thread, that 68 Newport is a clear winner IMHO. I guess if you were looking for creature comforts, it probably doesn't have them, but after a little sorting, it will be bulletproof. Sell the wheels, get some stock ones, or better yet some magnum500s, and drive... and drive... and drive....
  21. Anybody use this brake conversion kit on their REATTA

    Nope not me. Just swap to the 91 system.
  22. What to use to clean this?

    Meguiras general purpose cleaner. Good stuff.
  23. What to use to clean this?

    To attack mold, a mild bleach solution, or a product such as X-14 is usually quite effective. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, because bleach is a strong base and is highly corrosive. Don't forget to add a bit of the ol' elbow grease. Let us know how it works out. Cheers, Grog
  24. dodge b3 outside door handle problem

    My 1964 Dodge pickup handle is like that. Maybe it is the same sort of handle. Assuming it is the same type as mine you can remove the handle this way, it is only held on by one screw. Open the door. Look at the door lip, the door edge, right near where the rear-most part of the door handle is. You'll see the screw. Just take that out and that's all it takes to remove the door handle. The door handle has a tab that pushes against a bent piece of metal to release the latch. Lube it all up. Maybe bend that piece of metal the latch pushes against. Bend it outward some. You'll also see the door handle tab will be worn some. You can compensate that by bending the metal part still inside the door out more. Don't need to buy a new door handle.
  25. Studebakers, never to late to learn.

    Studebaker was a surviving independent, a rarity for sure. I could make and argument that it was the last of the independents, but regardless they had to be doing something right. In any era I could show you something that is so special that that you could not help but be impressed with. "Different my design" really did catch the character of the company's products. It was how they survived for over 100 years!
  26. WTB: Dodge touring car late teens - early 20's

    But the question is do you really want a T. Long after the bad taste is gone, you will have the T. Just hope you don'y look at it and say wish I had bought a Dodge. I know when I bought my 60 corvette I was happoy and smiled every time I walked by it because it took a while but I found what I thought was the best example especially in my price range though a bit more than I was planning on spending, ending up with a 60 Fuelie. I think if I had settles for a 230 HP Power Glide car I wouldn't have been as happy especially if it hadn't been in as nice of condition as mine because it was a bit cheaper. Though I do understand where you are coming from. That does suck. Was the one you missed out on while waiting for the video, the one on ebay?
  27. 14 T Speedster Project in CT

    I assume this is sold? Any update? Jeff C
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