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  2. kbeach

    Keiser missed this one

    Thanks The problem is none of the grandkids are around. I programed mainframe computers for 25 years and loved it, but this new stuff? - - not so much! Just got a new phone last week. could do it ok with the old one so I know it can be done. I'll play with it after dinner & see how it goes.
  3. hermanangus

    64 Drivers Mirror Placement

    Hey Tom, I hate to disagree, but from what I've found, and what some of the other senior member have said while replying to my earlier post, mirrors were an option from the factory, or dealer installed. There is nothing spot welded to the inside of my door skins. There are what appears to be 2 filled holes that seem to be in the approximate area of the 63 mirror locations, you can just make them out in the pic above as well.. As my car was a special order from the factory in 64, I am working under the premise that they had some of the previous years pre-drilled door panels handy, and welded the holes closed . Could this have happened afterwards? Possibly. I just want to correctly place my after market mirror in the right spot for a 64. Cheers,
  4. Grant L. Meredith

    throttle control

    dracenroc that is the 1 I'm missing.
  5. 38Buick 80C

    Meet photos from Denver

  6. broker-len

    Parts wanted

    could you do me a favor ????? need a picture of the Back Plate of a 36 showing how the brake hose connects to wheel cylinder
  7. 38Buick 80C

    Meet photos from Denver

  8. What did you do about your throttle linkage & kick down????
  9. Terry Stock

    1941 Special engine dies when warmed up

    I hesitate to chip in. But do you have the original style filler cap that lets air in as fuel is drawn by the motor? If the fuel cap seals the tank, cars have been known to be starved of fuel.
  10. broker-len

    1936 plymouth

    it would help thank you but to be sure still want to see a Plymouth back plate am having trouble with parts and want to finish this job
  11. As far as I know ALL 1st. gen. Rivs had a remote adjustable left mirror as standard equipment. When you finally figure it out DON'T FORGET THE SUPPORT THAT'S SPOT WELDED TO THE INNER SKIN FOR SUPPORT. Tom T.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Factory HotRod with my name on it landed in Massachusetts Steve Mully 9236
  14. victorialynn2

    Keiser missed this one

    @kbeach, you should be able to press and hold the pic in the text to save it to your phone, or click on it and look for an option with a save feature. Once it’s on your phone you can upload from your camera roll. Or just hand the phone to a 5 year old and they will show you how. 😂 I taught computers to elementary kids in the 90’s and they taught me even more! Good luck.
  15. Hi All, I had an earlier thread on the lack of exterior mirrors on my car. The car is currently at the bodywork stage, and we have pulled the door skins off and there is no evidence that either door ever had a mirror attached, and the doors skins are definitely original. I purchased a replacement mirror for the drivers side, can someone please give me the exact stock location for a 64 drivers side mirror? I can guess from pics, but if were are gonna drill holes, I would like to get it right. Manual mirror of course. Thanks, Kevin
  16. oldcar

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    mike6024 said: Here is my guess. A cable that actuates the rear brakes wraps around that pulley. You'd need a pulley to equalize the tension on the left and right rear brakes. The high temp will be 90 Fahrenheit and it'll get dark about 9 pm here. Go to this post
  17. CarlLaFong

    A 1920 hot rod? Gow job?

    The adults are surveying the damage, the kids are checking out the car, "23 Skidoo!!!"
  18. Mastercraft 225 75 15 plain old Made in USA just like the rest of your car didn't get imported 75 bucks Mastercraft a Cooper tire Steve
  19. looking for the rear Dodge Brothers wing emblem for the luggage rack, it is flat with 2 screw holes.
  20. Sactownog


    VERY COOL BARN FIND AND COLOR, Cool to see car brought back to life.
  21. wangwilko

    1936 plymouth

    I have a 1936 Desoto which I am rebuilding the brakes, all apart as part of restoration. Do you want a photo of the brass connector which has the Y section to hold in place and hole for bango bolt ? These were only used on the front or rear, will have to check for you. If this is correct I will get a couple for you and send through. Peter
  22. hursst

    1960 MGA Restoration

    Took a day off work and spent some more time with the MGA. Finished the preliminary cleaning of he transmission, finished painting the main floorboards (2 days ago), and started work on my carburetors. I got a copy of the SU carb manual from the MGA club in the UK a few years ago, and now putting it to good use. I exploded one of the carbs and it wasn't too bad with help from the manual (Photos 1 & 2, before and after). I'll need to do a lot of inspection of the various parts as they've been sitting for such a long time. Already discovered that the idle setting lever has worn into the main throttle shaft, creating excessive play. I'll have to replace the main throttle shaft and lever pin. I may be able to keep the lever, but an screw has broken off in it, so I'll have to drill that out.
  23. Mars

    Door bumpers. 30 Desoto 4dr

    Dropped my first one, damn
  24. I may have them please post some detailed picture are they stepped ?
  25. 60FlatTop

    Purchase Advice?

    I'm thinking about going to dinner, getting a girlfriend pregnant and a severe case of ptomaine poisoning ending up in intensive care. Seems like that would compare to the extended cost of the bargain priced cars "I" bought. I know my Wife wouldn't be happy in either case. Bernie
  26. autonut

    '36 Dodge Grill

    I agree totally! Wonder why they created such a complicated grill?
  27. I really think that the paint coverage on the panel would be better if it were disassembled, but I am sort of thinking that it might be smarter to tape them off and paint them without disassembly. I guess it just depends on how much time I have when it gets to that job. I guess I could do a practice assembly on the disassembled one from the Model 67 that I just picked up and then make a decision on which way to go.
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