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  2. This is probably the best explanation I've read. The more compliant sidewalls of the radials definitely load the rims differently than do the stiffer sidewalls of bias ply tires. This is not to say that one is better than the other, just that they are different.
  3. Cash speaks the loudest and is instant.
  4. You are correct that the GM glove box locks used fewer tumblers (one of the tumbler positions was replaced with a spring loaded retainer for the lock cylinder), but those were just the first four of the six in the trunk lock. The four character code stamped on the outside is the same one stamped on the trunk lock and decodes (using the Curtis Code Book) to provide all six cuts on the key.
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  7. I am always amused at how the non-disclosure statement is worded. Maybe it will show up in Truecar. Bernie
  8. I have one drawer in my workbench with things that I should not have taken apart. I will see if I can get some pictures of the stuff in there today. Bernie
  9. If you buy one of these, plan on buying another real soon as they don't seem to last (in my case).
  10. A wire transfer or cash is really the best way to do it. I was shocked many years ago when I found out that "bank" checks could be revoked after the fact.
  11. I agree with others on making several sets of keys when you buy a car. I keep an expired credit card in my wallet with a spare trunk key taped to the back and hide a set of the other spare keys in the trunk.
  12. Well now we know where you have been. I was wondering what was going on and here it was one of your Reattas wanting to take you out behind the barn for a "whipping". Glad you got it figured out and that you had most of the parts on hand. That is quite the story about motor mounts and something to remember for anyone else with an early Reatta that may develop a mount failure. This is a reminder that parts availability are really drying up and that no matter how hard one tries, you can't have everything you need.
  13. I still have the 15" rims on the car. I don't have a full set of 16's yet. I can't say if the 15" rims are original or not. I bought the car from a widow. Her husband took the clips off and put a full hubcap on. I took the tire off the spare and it was a 6" wide rim.
  14. Could someone please help me identify this hood ornament? Many thanks. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  15. That is a really odd situation. I tried to think of how I could do that damage if I wanted to. I do that troubleshooting other types of equipment. It is not in a good spot for knock damage being 90 degrees from the plug tip. And it is 180 degrees from the exhaust valve, the hot gas route. So my calculated guess is that someone serviced the engine and put that piston back in with all the ring gaps lined up vertically, giving a straight path for the exhaust gasses. Check that when you take it apart, thinking how did this spot get the hottest. If you do find the gaps all in a vertical row, don't expect that to be the only piston they made a mistake with. Bernie
  16. Jason, Thanks for the fiberglass cloth tip. I think that would do it. What did the original look like? Mine was pretty much toast and I really did not pay attention to what it looked like when I removed it. Does the CARS insulation look the same? The black replacement that I put on was great stuff, did not unravel at the ends, it was just the wrong color. I may explore painting it as well. What type/color paint did you use? Thanks. Bill
  17. Anyone know what became of this car? If you do, please contact Wayne at 340-998-5199
  18. The 15-inch wheels were used on Century's and Roadmaster's in 1940. The other models used 16-inch wheels. As to the stripe color, it varied with the color of the car. For example my Glacier Blue 1939 used silver stripes. My Sequoia Cream convertible used black stripes. The one I did in dark green (name escapes me) used cream stripes. We had an old original wheel and measured the stripes so we could get the right width on the two outer stripes and the wider one in the middle. Initially, 1939 did not offer red wheels as an option. Well after those restorations were finished I found literature that the red wheel option became available mid-year. As best I can tell, the red wheel option was available all other years between 1937-1941, but there can be many a slip between the cup and the lip, so I'm not guaranteeing I'm right. All of my literature is in Florida and I'm in Virginia today.
  19. I have a 1929 Chevrolet Cabriolet and also have one 1929 Pontiac Cabriolet door and there are significant differences in the wood. I expect Oakland and other Gm cars to have differences due mostly to body sheet metal styling. Fisher used same engineering practices but had to deal with style variations across the different divisions. Probably standardized more in later years to save costs due to the depression taking hold.
  20. Nice photo John! Just love this time of year.
  21. All set now... Thanks...I went back and looked harder, then found a hidden email link for "commercial use"? Anyways it was googleplus so I did not think I could get it to unhide, as I am not signed up there either...but dag nabbit, I did get his email and I just sent a detailed report on what we did. Thanks for the wake up call, as I do miss the obvious quite often... so, anyone reading my asking for help, I am all set now, Thanks!
  22. The early 30"s Buicks have brass spherical thrust washers behind the spider gears. I would have removed the center block and checked the thrust surfaces on the spiders. Bob Engle
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  24. I would think a small shot of 3M heat resistant adhesive spray adhesive right after a fresh cut might stop the ends from unraveling. You could also try spraying a small puddle into a container and dip the ends. Then pinch the threads together with a tweezer or similar tool. (I tried this on braided nylon rope when I couldn't find a Bic.worked like a charm) I would also consider a fine mist of adhesive on the entire length of braid to tame the fuzzies. Im absolutely confidant that this will work, because all my ideas are brilliant....haha.
  25. Let us know if it is quiet after you're all done and on the road. Looking forward to hearing the news.
  26. that was on ebay last month-guy has several of them.
  27. George, I think it's been for sale for many months, at the least . I recall seeing it for sale on the internet (not Craig's List), possibly by some dealer. I remember the notation that the vinyl roof was not original to the car, but that it was added. Is "Webster" the brother of our own friendly editor West Peterson?
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