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  2. old car fan

    What is this fitting and where do I get one?

    Certain I will have it,if you can waiter
  3. Curti

    Car Logo Quiz...

    I didn't have any PoP-UP ads.
  4. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    1962 Skylark upholstery question

    I don't know the answer, but again am envious. A 4spd! Wow. Ben
  5. huptoy

    Sears Allstate tires

    Sears did not mfg any tires but contracted with Armstrong Rubber Co. 50% of Armstrong’s yearly production in the 50s - 70s were Allstate. The contract called for Armstrong to be paid on a cost plus by Sears. Sears warehoused tires in 1 of 5 plants and shipped tires directly from plant to stores. Michelin tires were imported by Sears to the Armstrong plants to be distributed to the stores. Armstrong built radial tires starting in the late 60’s. Surprisingly, the Des Moines plant, in the 60’s, built tires for Firestone, Good Year, Goodrich, Phillips Oil, and others. The Firestone plant across town sent a truck every evening to pickup the days production.
  6. Thank you for the write-up, it will help! Unfortunately it has been raining a lot here lately. I do plan on pulling and cleaning the pump now! I do have an accumulator on order, should be here Thursday. I've been hunting for a deal on wheels with real good tires. No luck with anything near by, but so many deals come and go that I'll just have to keep an eye on the marketplace! I'll admit I didn't want to hurt anything so I only let the brake pump run at most about ~25 seconds. The high pressure and hard to find parts have me worried about tearing something up. It has sat unused for a number of years so a master cylinders and calipers may be in order but I wanted to get the system functioning so I know what I have to work with first and foremost. I will test it again for longer when I get a break in the rain. Thanks, Drew.
  7. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    '52 Special Radiator Question

    I am able to remove mine myself, usually. I have several furniture pads left from my time in the trenches. Raise the hood and place a pad over the fender , stretching into the engine compartment. Another over the radiator with excess on the ground. Lower hood and carefully raise the other side , placing a pad here. Lower hood. Carefully slide hood forward , lowering the nose until it is on the ground, atop the pad. Pick it up and carry it away. Of course, the buddy way is easier. Ben
  8. Curti

    Sears Allstate tires

    I have a LOT of Sears Craftsman tools with a 'lifetime' guarantee. I never considered it is the lifetime of the company
  9. mikewest

    Balancing Connecting Rods

    Paul are you serious about suggesting "Cheap zinc flat washers under connecting rods?" Would you install Franklin rods like that? I hope not. I think that idea would get you thrown out of most quality shops. There are better solutions. Just my opinion...
  10. 30DodgePanel

    Help request for year of a fire truck

    Still amazed at how much information Eric was kind enough to load on the registry for others to view. Thank you Eric 🤝 Regards, Dave
  11. Tim1955

    Gas Tank for a 1955 Buick Special Wanted

    Decky69, I am interested in your 1955 Buick gas tank do you still have it for sale?
  12. I'm hoping to take a trip to see a 1961 Skylark for sale soon. What are some of the main things to look for when inspecting one of these cars? Are there any quirks I should know of. I owned 1971 and 1978 Skylarks over the years, but am not too familiar with the 1961 model. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
  13. 30DodgePanel

    Help request for year of a fire truck

    Serial Number 82528840 Year 1947 Make Dodge Model WH-45,WH-46,WH-47,WH-48,WH-49,WHA-45,WHA-46,WHA-47,WHA-48,WHA-49,WHAX-45,WHAX-46,WHAX-47,WHAX-48,WHAX-49,WG-40,WG-41,WG-42,WG-43,WG-44,WGA-40,WGA-41,WGA-42,WGA-43,WGA-44,WGAX-40,WGAX-41,WGAX-42,WGAX-43,WGAX-44 Engine 250.6 Flathead Six Wheelbase 136, 148, 160, 178, 200 Rating 1 1/2, 2 Ton Engineering Code T120 Plant Detroit, Michigan Build Number 9106
  14. John348

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    A new pair of shoes Thursday night
  15. jord

    Extra hole in drive tube

    Ken, you were right, I panicked because there never was a grease fitting and with brighter light I saw the needle bearing. I will tap it out and install a fitting. Thanks
  16. 30DodgePanel


    Don't know why I was thinking you needed a bucket of bolts... May want to change title to "Parts needed for 1933 Buick Model 96". However, if you do need a bucket of bolts I may be able to help
  17. 30DodgePanel

    Another brass car from the HAMB

    Just curious, how does the expert Ariejan Bos come to his conclusion ? Was there something in a historical document or another photo that validates or is he going strictly by memory ? It's simply says "Records show identical shape radiator, mudguards/bills, & matching wheel hubs." What records ? Sorry, I'm from Missouri so I have to see it... In my searches I cannot find any American from 1910-1912 that matches the photo.

    Wanted 1908-09 Buick F or REO 2 cylinder touring car.

    I can help you. I have early REOs and Buicks of this vintage that you are looking for but only if you are looking for a project, although it seems that is not the case. I thought I will post this anyways.
  19. Hubert_25-25

    Balancing Connecting Rods

    Buick Friends, I just finished documenting how I balanced my connecting rods. This is a link to the posting. Now I get to start assembling the block. Thanks as always for your help. Hugh
  20. Pete Phillips

    Dynaflow 1953 V8

    Checked my inventory, and the box has the correct part # that you need, but inside is a different one, unfortunately. I don't know if you can adapt this one to your application or not. Pete Phillips
  21. Hi Steve, I am afraid that I bought mine Down Under: RETROMODâ„¢ NEO-SERIES 6'' x 9'' 200-WATTS DUAL VOICE COIL SPEAKER RETRO SOUND SINGLE VOICE COIL 3-WAY ULTRA THIN (1.7'deep) 6x9 INCH SPEAKERS, 200 WATTS WITH NEODYMIUM MAGNET & TWEETER However, I think it is the same as the R-69N that you can get from but you better double check this yourself. Regards, Jan

    1937 Chrysler Airflow removed from our barn. It's available.

    Well, that is about the nicest thing anyone here has said to me. I receive many messages and comments about the cars but a number of them are negative, saying I am a car hoarder which is not the case here. Thank you. Kind words mean so much. Soon, I am going to start posting alot of parts, mostly pre war 2 stuff along with some 50s, 60s and 70s parts that I don't want to be bothered listing online for sale. I will offer items here for very little money. In fact, I may offer parts for free, however, it must be to people who really need the parts to finish a project.
  23. Wanted older restoration of a good original car. Prefer running car or close to it. In the states please. Please send details and photos if possible to email address below. Thanks Charley
  24. Thriller

    Hershey 2018

    So, a net loss of letters it would seem. At least you can hold your new letters in two hands.
  25. Today
  26. Packard Don

    1948-1954 Parts Book

    Still progressing and my proofed data has been merge with the in-proofed data As I finish each group, it is passed along but I’ve slowed down on the huge group 30 so it’s up to date and proofed only on my site. I hope to work on it more in the next couple weeks while at my Oregon location.

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