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  2. Glad you got it going Eric! Looks good going down the road. How are the brakes?
  3. Cloisonne' Repair?

    A woman named Maxwell does repair of emblems, supposed to be excellent....
  4. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    The man is definitely a hoarder. He has no interest in maintaining the cars, he just wants to own them. Look at the one picture of him in his workshop. Look at all the stuff piled up in the background, that he just can't bring himself to organize or get rid of, because he just likes owning it.....yes, he's a hoarder. I agree with Matt that most of these cars aren't worth saving. Sitting on dirt, rust does nasty things under a car. Mother Nature wants everything back, and I'll bet she's been after some of these cars for a while.
  5. Mitchell Overdrive

    Mike That's disappointing to hear about your experience with Mitchell. I purchased one last year to put in a Rugby. Far different install to a Model A. I'm also down under in Australia. Had numerous emails to Sue about what I needed. Spoke to Sue and Steve on the phone also about my requirements. Sue even went up and beyond and chased up the correct speedo drive gears to put in the unit, so that my speedo remained accurate. Nothing but praise for them. Like Grimy, my Rugby has a 4.89 rear end. High 30's mph screaming its head off. Much better now with the Mitchell, 26% reduction, whilst retaining the direct drive for the hills in my area. Made my own linkages that bolt to the top of the gearbox, with the lever in between the handbrake and gear. Blends in very well, and amazing how many people don't see it. Hope that your situation turns around. Cheers
  6. 1932 PACKARD 901 902 903 OEM Fender

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  9. the xenon headlight of my car broke,I want to know what is in it, the fog or water?the xenon headlight can’t work and I saw somthing like beads in it. Thanks in advance.The last post was deleted by my missing hands,sorry
  10. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    And if that pressure isn’t enough, the court makes it clear that it will take no excuses for Ron missing that quota, saying in the court document mailed to Ron:In no event shall any of the following be grounds for relief from this Consent Judgement: a. difficulty in obtaining buyers for the vehicles, b. Failure of buyers to pick up vehicles, c. any other problems in selling the vehicles, d. weather e. difficulty in accessing the vehicles, or f. difficulty in obtaining title for the vehicles. Clearly, the Township isn’t playing around. They want these cars gone. At age 74 ..elder abuse.. Not nice They should work with him.. Not send him to his grave.. every car collector had this at one time..
  11. Cloisonne' Repair?

    Thank you LC, I'll give them a try.
  12. Hi. First time post. Where is best place to source cam shaft and lifter kit and pushrods for 57 caddy Fleetwood 75 limo. I'm based in Oz but happy to source and purchase from USA sites cheers
  13. This was apparently a one-year-only option, and (accordingly to the 58-65 parts catalog) offered only on the Le Sabre convertible, Invicta wagon, and Electra 2-door hardtop, 4-door hardtop, and convertible. Catalog listing notwithstanding, one might think it was only offered on cars with bucket seats. Were all those models available with bucket seats? Absent a complete console, I'd be happy with just the silver cover. This isn't the best picture, but it's what I got:
  14. #Carshow Waterhoek Classic Heestert - Belgium September 9, 2017 By Car Pictures Lady
  15. wtb: rearview mirror

    I think they are reproduced, see Bob's Automobilia or CARS.
  16. Karr Rubber Manufacturing - California.

    I hope the machinery and molds don't go for scrap!
  17. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    The original left doesn't work all that great, and the right is useless, so you are not missing much of anything...
  18. Original head and manifold stored many years. No push rods, valve cover is a Lang reproduction and will need modiiying for this head but is the closes available. $4,000 delivered to Chocolate field. Contact me prior to 9/29 if interested.
  19. Spam Pie

    It's the way the webpage code is structured. The content is delivered from one file, while the "stylesheet" is delivered in a separate file. The entire look of the page is based on what's defined in the CSS stylesheet. Because the forum software developers decided to point the code back to a CSS stylesheet saved on a server identified as something other than "," and that server is blocked by the corporate firewall, so I can't get a stylesheet for this forum. This results in the above appearance. Someone else probably uses the same developer's products to discuss or promote behavior deemed inappropriate by our corporate censor, and this forum is just collateral damage. The solution is simple: Put the CSS stylesheet on the server. Apparently, I'm the only one that has complained about this issue, so that doesn't warrant the need for anything to change. Sorry to bore you with the gorey details...
  20. buying a stude

    Again, I'm not the expert on the unit but, I would think any motion between the tubes and the mounting plate would simply be a spot for a fuel leak if the tank was overfilled, not impacting either the fuel pickup nor the gauge reading.
  21. First drive photos & video from Saturday the 16th. 20170916_114349_9sec_vid.mp4 20170916_114308_5sec_vid.mp4
  22. Wondering about a value

    I would agree with that if it were a convertible. But classic status Buick sedans will only bring classic money if 100 point car. Just my opinion.
  23. 1927 Buick For Sale

    The three woodies all look great, but the one in Mark Shaw´s picture would be about 100 less steps to get to from the OP´s car than the depot hack, station wagon and sedan delivery. I can´t believe the old thing still has headlights!
  24. I am still thinking about the burnishing. Even if the Burnished area had a tuff wear surface, at High Speeds, what is going to fail the rod is excess clearance, lack of oil getting to the bearing, and excess heat that it can't get rid of quick enough. I think the fix for all of this, is Over Drive. How many pounds of force does a Packard rod, put on a crank at 90 mile an hour? As I have said the Babbitt we use, a 1 inch square piece will only compress 2% , at 14,000 thousand pounds, how much would the difference be? Thanks, Herm.
  25. '67 or '68 Electra?

    My father had a "67. I remember that the wheel covers did carry over into '68. I agree that this one is a '68.
  26. I have had several mechanics and car restorations guys look at this and they can't tell me what it is. To me I would think it would have something to do with the oil, but certainly not an filter as I wouldn't think it would be on there sideways. Oh by the way, I am referring to the larger flat black component located below the horn. As you can see, copper tubing runs from the oil pan thru it. So...What is it???
  27. 1930 Buick 64C for sale

    Yeah, that would be nice, wouldn't it? I'm the director of the Ohio Region CCCA and they apparently approved the 1941 Buick 70 Series at August's national board meeting. As a regional director, it would have been nice to have been notified of those new additions to the list. I recently made an ass of myself by explaining to someone that their 1941 Buick Roadmaster wasn't a Full Classic... but it is. Unfortunately, the CCCA is about to start eating itself alive over revised judging standards, so I'd expect things like this to slip through the cracks for the foreseeable future. That online list is at least two years out of date, so don't rely on that. Sadly, I don't have a better/different source.
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