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  2. strange situation

    Any shop that is in business already has insurance for exactly these liabilities. If not, the shop has a much bigger risk in protecting "his and his employee's families from damage". I find it hilarious that in other threads we frequently bash the overreach of lawyers, yet here the first thing is "call a lawyer". If this were a deadbeat customer, I'd be the first one saying that. Given what (little) we know of this particular situation, I'd be willing to cut some slack. Of course, it is not my business nor my risk and thus my advice isn't worth the paper it isn't printed on...
  3. 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook Fuel supply problem

    My guess is bad coil, bad condenser or no gas tank cap vent. Check the cap first, it is easiest. Pull the coil wire and hold it near the engine while someone turns the key to see if you have sparks. How long do you have to wait until it will start again?
  4. Forum New Look

    Yes , Steve. Many thanks to you and Peter and the guys who have provided us with this fine forum. I don't know much of anything about computers , but sure apreciate you guys who do. I feel a great sense of pride to be one of a great many members of AACA. It is interesting and rewarding to see how inviting comments from forum participants can result in an even better iteration of an already powerful and friendly tool. My life would be a much lesser one without AACA. - Carl
  5. flatomatic cNG2 3GTonversion help v12 zephyr 1936

    Sounds like something not correct with the transmission. Fluid level, slipping , bad torque converter .
  6. Thank you! A trip to Hershey is in the plans!
  7. Hi-Performance Straight Eights

    I have a modified Olds HEI in mine. Also running TBI. Ben
  8. 1962 Corvair 700 sedan electrical

    Hello again all. My father and I noticed that the turn signal lever does not seem to register correctly; meaning that it seems to move too much. Does the steering wheel have to be removed in order to get to the cancelling plate? Also, when we put the car into gear, drive or reverse, the hood rattles. We've narrowed it down to the inner metal liner that is above the spare tire. Is there something we can put there to dampen the sound, or should we try to bend it out slightly? Thanks in advance. Vintagecarguy.
  9. Year? Make? Model?

    Timmy, A word of helpful explanation to a "newbie." (it's SUPPOSED to be helpful, anyway!) And by the way; WELCOME to this forum!! On this forum and other environments where hardcore antique car enthusiasts gather, the word "classic" has a very different meaning than it does for most of the rest of the world. Here many folks use the word "Classic" to refer only to a very select few models of very, very special cars. The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA), publishes a very exact list of accepted models, and if you use the word "Classic" around them to describe an ordinary old car (regardless of age), you are likely to see raised eyebrows and looks of disapproval. Following is the definition from the CCCA website: The Classic Car Club of America defines a Classic as a “Fine” or “Distinctive” automobile, American or foreign built, produced between 1915 and 1948. Generally, a Classic was high-priced when new and was built in limited quantities. Other factors, including engine displacement, custom coachwork and luxury accessories, such as power brakes, power clutch, and “one-shot” or automatic lubrication systems, help determine whether a car is considered to be a Classic. So you can see why some folks here would say that the cool old derelict car in your photo is not a "classic." However, I believe it is at least very, very cool. And if someone has that some make/year/model car in the process of restoration, you can bet that they would be VERY happy to find it. Cheers, and welcome once again.
  10. Forum New Look

    Thank you Steve. Thought my computer was done for. Ben
  11. Forum New Look

    Try to be patient folks, Peter is working on these issues with the software provider. The joys of the IT world I guess.
  12. 1950 Special Sedanette - Iowa - $600

    Yup, I was pleasantly surprised when they turned out to be the later style engines with the water and fuel pumps! One even had the correct dipstick! It'd be sad to part out that buick, but I don't have the time or funds to get it back on the road, I'll stick with my cheaper to own mopars......
  13. Forum New Look

    My windows 7 PRO now shows a heart in a circle. I you put the cursor on iy it give you 4 options - SAD< CONFUSED< HAHA and THANKS. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Didn't have to wait a day - 5 minutes and I lost all pictures and symbols.
  14. Mightn't it be a good idea for one , any/all of you guys who are somewhat interested in/fairly close to , these cars , to : contact the sellers by phone and alert them to this conversation for comment or fine tuning their sales tactics ? There is abundant speculation about the motivation of the sellers here. Some assumptions will prove to be more accurate than others. But with a telephone feedback channel available for a reality check , why just proceed on assumptions ? I will assume that these fine folks would like to sell these cars , are fairly normal and rational , and can use any constructive comments including this thread , and are the kind of people who don't bite. Chances are that they have enough in common with many of us that they could be good friends with same. I say treat them as friends who need a bit of assistance. Eventually these cars will sell for a price agreeable to both buyer and seller. YOU could be the buyer. As I think I have said elsewhere , I bought my 1924 Cadillac from an ad in Hemmings almost 30 years ago. No price , no phone number , no address. Just R. Pierce with a P.O. Box in Akron - Canton Ohio ; (Did any of you know Ray ?). Turned out to be the most joyful automotive acquisition ever , since my first back in 1959. Try to operate based on as much fact as reasonably possible , assuming little. This works out in other life situations too. GO FOR IT , GUYS ! The rest of us will be curious to see how this plays out. There are a couple cars I would have been interested in back when I was young , energetic and healthy , wealthy , and , perhaps embodying varying degrees of wisdom. - Carl
  15. How Many Cars, How Many Buicks

    50 years old 50 Buicks owned Quit counting non Buicks as they don't matter. :>)
  16. strange situation

    We had an almost identical situation a few years ago. For 2 years we tried to get the owner of the car to retrieve his vehicle. There was no money due. We finally had to hire an attorney. A letter from the attorney stirred these folks into action. We had notified them by registered letter more than a year before that we were going to start charging a reasonable storage fee, which we did. In the end we settled for 1/2 the accrued storage fees. We just wanted the car gone. Some people just cannot be understood.
  17. I live in Florida and need babbitts poured in a couple of 4 cyl motors. If you know a shop that does this, please let me know. TIA Richard
  18. Year? Make? Model?

    Derelict 100% , classic ? ,probably not. It looks like a fairly average late 20's sedan. Unfortunately it is long past saving. Even as a parts car its value is minimal. If it is a Franklin as keiser31 suggests it is unfortunate it was allowed to deteriorate this badly. But even the pretty decent Franklin sedan in keiser31's post above is not going to be worth all that much in todays market. Unless they are something very special most later 20's closed cars are at a heavy discount in todays marketplace. Not saying they aren't interesting to some of us; and they can be great hobby cars, just not worth any where what a similar model and year roadster or touring would bring. And definitely not something to bring back from the dead like the one behind the chain link would require. Greg in Canada
  19. strange situation

    Not a lawyer here...............but: He's in procession of the car. Does that make him libel for any damages to it. If someone gets hurt moving the car who is libel? Whose insurance pays? Say the car languishes for month, or years, who foots the bill for that? Suppose it's stolen? Who's libel. Suppose she says he's negligent. Who's going to pay for his defense? Every hour he futzes around with the car, who picks up the tab for the billable hour wasted? Sorry boys, but the "right" thing to do is consult an attorney, determine the options, and protect his business and his and his employee's families from damage. Anything less may feel soft and fuzzy but it's just plain foolish..............................Bob
  20. Year? Make? Model?

    Almost has that 1929 Franklin look by the rear window area and the fender mounted parking light. Some had 10 spokes, some had 12 spokes. We need better photos....dashboard, grille....
  21. Stutz Headlight Shells

    I have several Stutz headlight shells for sale
  22. Forum New Look

    And I just had to sign in again after a message from Malwarebytes that the connection was not secure. Fortunately, this user name and password are used for nothing else.
  23. Today
  24. Two-1911 Maxwell Model I for sale

    Serial Numbers 1779 and 1517. Both automobiles are disassembled. New sheet metal parts including front fenders and body parts. nearly all parts to reassemble. $7000.00 New Castle, Indiana For more information, please call 765-524-2516
  25. Forum New Look

    I just lost all images, including photos, icons and avatars. They have all been replaced by the dreaded white 'X' in the little black square. Cheers, Grog
  26. Forum New Look

    Today brings no pictures and no icons.... nothing but '?' all over every page. All pictures in all forum posts have now been replaced with '?'. Running Safari on OS X 10.12 Just tried Chrome and it is similarly broken though instead of '?' there is a tiny stock image (look like a green mountain and a blue sky with a cloud)
  27. strange situation

    How? The car and work are FULLY PAID FOR.
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