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  2. Rolls Royce Statue forsale

    I've seen a couple of these early Rolls-Royce statues, and they were said to be used in dealership showrooms. The ones I saw were a bit under 2' high on marble bases; one of these went to auction where it sold for about $2000, but this was 15 years ago. I think it would be difficult to fake one and make it look authentic. I can't imagine the seller is only selling a radiator mascot for that amount of money.
  3. Getrag 248 trans for sale

    Yes, that was GREAT for removing 2.2 & 2.5 engines and transaxles as a unit. Each was separately supported so either one could be worked on or removed while the other stayed in the stand. It was also good for major swaps. You see in the picture above, that the intermediate axle was being fabricated.Once the proper length was acquired, just a matter of having a drive shaft company weld and balance the shaft. This was when I was swapping a Getrag trans into my Laser that had a 505 originally.
  4. Sounds like a plan but she has more tools than I have as well as a Toyota GT86 that takes up what could be more Buick man cave at my place!!!
  5. Mechanical brake adjustment front to rear

    Well tackled the first suggestion which was to reduce the friction in the overall braking system I disconnected all the brake rods and levers close to all 4 wheels and also the brake pedal. I now had a brake system where because of the evener in the middle I could independently verify the perceived friction in both the front and rear brake control system Found that I could easily manipulate the rear system with a single finger and barely any pressure, not true for the front. Front took two fingers and firm pressure. After lubricating the swing levers and also backing off the nut on one of the levers most of the friction was removed Front still takes more pressure than the rear but both well in the acceptable range I would think Net result after hooking everything back up was no noticeable difference at the wheels, with car on stands I can lock the rears and the fronts while having resistance can still be easily moved with two hands. So next I think is still adding an additional offset hole to the brake pedal connection on the evener further towards the front wheel side. Pain to get to, and cant get a drill on it so need to figure a way to remove it To be continued...
  6. First Project 1953 Chrysler New Yorker

    These Chrysler Master Tech books are awesome. Read all you can that apply to your project. They tech you the" how and they why" of car systems and parts. A great resource before tackling a job on your car. Many Chrysler Master Tech videos are on You Tube to watch as well. All are excellent and highly recommended. For example this applies directly to your car:
  7. First Project 1953 Chrysler New Yorker

    My interpretation of the Chrysler Fluid Torque Drive: I love it. It unique, reliable and works quite well. It can hold the heavy car back very well on steep hills saving drum brakes from heating up.
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  9. I’ve been asked by a friend to help identify a car in an old photo from her family. Caption on the photo is “Old Spanish Bridge”. Rear fender is quite distinctive and I’m thinking 1906 Cadillac? Not sure on my model. Can the experts here confirm? Thanks in advance! (And sorry for the quality of the photo)
  10. Where are you ..... and the car located ? City and state, please. I know an elderly gent who wants to stay in the car hobby, but wants the convenience of automatic, a/c, etc. Is there anything not working correctly on this car ? Thanks.
  11. Complete rewire 37 or 38 Buick...

    When I had my harness installed in my 1937-41 sedan. The harness was run under the carpet to the rear. A judgment call, so as to not remove the still very nice original headliner. If I replace the headliner I will route it correctly.
  12. 1935 Cadillac Charging Issue

    Larry makes a good point, what is the voltage with the car at fast idle? Should be about about 7.2 or so. If your unit uses a third brush arrangement and cut out relay, check to see if there is voltage going to the armature lead (terminal). Its possible the field coils in the generator's housing have shorted either against each other or against the housing. Another possibility is that the cut out relay is faulty. A 6 Amp reading for ignition alone is about right. PM me for additional thoughts.
  13. Back to reality

    To bad that the auctioneers don't group all like makes and models together by year. Then if you wanted to watch Mustands, they'd go across the block starting with the 1964's and ending with the new ones. Then do all of the Camaros, followed by the Chevelles, then the Corvettes. 🤔
  14. Back to reality

    That's when it's exciting to see some wacky cars come through. There was some heavily modified golden Caddy with some rather questionable changes done to it - looked like bits and pieces from a ton of different other cars stuck on it. It definitely wasn't pretty, in my humble opinion at least, but it was still fun to watch. And then I'm sure there was some other special edition Mustang right after it.
  15. 1918 Trailmobile Trailer Semi

    Not Mine
  16. Studebaker ???? Any Idea's ???

    Thanks so much! cheers Rich
  17. Head Gasket for 31 Six

    37S2de - good to know, thank you! I've placed an order with Olsons, they seemed very knowledgable when I spoke to them!
  18. Winter Buicks

    Thanks, Ronnie!
  19. 1929 Reo Mate

    Not Mine 1929 REO Mate. Good running condition, restored approximately 7 years ago. All chrome replated, hydraulic brakes all rebuilt, rebuilt starter, generator and carburetor. Tires replaced. Interior is original. Amp gauge and oil pressure gauge work, others don't. $11,000 US funds Located in Ontario, Canada. E-mail for details: held1966@ Bob Held Hagersville, Ontario, Canada N0A1H0 Phone: (905) 768-1350 **************************************************
  20. 1937 Buick Special

    Well, the flat head 4cyl and 6cyl engines that I know- what I consider a normal rebuild would be, new pistons/rings main bearings, rod bearings, guides (if needed) hardened valves, seats and a new oil pump... As for the crankshaft, polish or go undersize if required, then reassemble with all new gaskets... If you want to do your own rebuild on the cheap, you could use a ridge reamer, then hone the cylinders and just get new oversize rings which you will need to file down to the corresponding gap to use with your old pistons. At least replace the rod bearings, then lap the valves, reassemble and hope for the best.. Done it a bunch of times on flathead motors.. I don't know how forgiving these Buick motors are, or what you can get away with, but the prices you're quoting would make it nearly impossible for anyone to get into these cars! It seems insane @$1000 per cylinder! Are engine parts for these cars really that expensive? I am in shock I must say...
  21. 1929 Reo Mate

    Not Mine 1929 REO Mate. Good running condition, restored approximately 7 years ago. All chrome replated, hydraulic brakes all rebuilt, rebuilt starter, generator and carburetor. Tires replaced. Interior is original. Amp gauge and oil pressure gauge work, others don't. $11,000 US funds Located in Ontario, Canada. E-mail for details: held1966@ Bob Held Hagersville, Ontario, Canada N0A1H0 Phone: (905) 768-1350 **************************************************
  22. I myself have been on and off with the bug but hey, it's that time of the year. They've been a lot of work but pictures don't do justjce on how they look in person. After all my initial issues with the varnish drying, I was beginning to think that they'd never dry, nevermind even get done. I'm very satisfied with how they've come out and the look of the Pettit Captain's Varnish. Now it's time to mash off the sprocket pattern on the hub and get them painted in the middle. Once that's done, then they'll get the rims painted. Then it's off to the pinstriper to stripe them. Then it's off to the tire shop to get the new WW and tubes mounted. Then it's back to the garage to mount them on the chassis. Then....................... Man, there's a lot of "thens" to go yet! LOL Should have also mentioned I'm working on my hubcaps which are becoming another paint nightmare. I'll be posting more about them on my restoration thread.
  23. 1947 Special Sedanette $3900

    Looked at it. Pretty honest car, really decent old-school rodder as the seller. Trunk floor totally rusted out, inner rockers not as bad but still an issue. Hasn't tried to break to engine free, so a question mark there.
  24. Not Mine I assume someone decked this out as a Civil War Train with cannons, etc .
  25. Rolls Royce Statue forsale

    Probably a digital scan and 3D printing would make it faster and better.
  26. E-85

    WE had a 2012 and it burned oil. The dealer was about to rebuild the engine when we traded it in.
  27. E-85

    Ah. I didn't know they made one like that. Sounds like a great engine. Just hope it doesn't have the timing chain issues the old 4 cylinders had. I doubt it does.
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