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  2. 1931 LaSalle

    I can't help it...I think you mis-spelled.... Unless you have a serious custom car, your car is a V-8. I am certainly envious as I have two 1930 LaSalle's that I would sure like to be messing with starting the rebuilt engine rather than starting the restorations! Al
  3. Yes, I'll get to that roof sometime. Today was the grille transplant. Many more fasteners than I could ever imagine, but it's done.
  4. 1931 LaSalle

  5. 1931 LaSalle

    I have a 1931 V6 LaSalle that the engine was recently re-built. Since putting it back together my mechanic has been unable to start it. After upgrading the battery and the distributor the current theory is the starter and /or the carburetor are the culprits. Does anyone know of a shop that specializes in re-building starters? Even better if they are in N. Texas but we could ship it elsewher. Secondly we are looking for people that have upgraded 1930's Cadillac or LaSalle carburetor with a new brass ring and needle? Thanks in advance for any input you may have.
  6. I have learned that with a good degree of patience, generally you will be able to find bits and pieces that will help you. I have located both Pierce-Arrow and Locomobile parts that way, (patience and long suffering). Hang in there and keep up the hunt, talk a lot and ask questions to every potential car guy, (you never know). My dad used to say that folks that owned race horses knew where the race tracks were. The same analogy exists within the ranks of we old car crazies...... Al
  7. AA Truck Auxiliary Trans question

    Does anyone here have an AA truck with the two speed gear box? If not, where is the best place to talk to Model A truck guys? Al
  8. Speedster Builds.............

    Joe, I will get you as good a picture as I can. It may be a couple of days as we are ramping up for the big Thanksgiving Day family get together. But I am sure I can get a picture that will help you out. If you get to the point of etching duplicate plates, there very well could be others among us that would be interested, I being one. you are right about one thing, it is generally the small be finely done steps that make for a good end product not just a fair product. Al
  9. 1923 Buick

    John Beatty and I talked about this car earlier this evening. Brian Heil has a good eye for '23 Buicks and I agree with his thought about the engine. I quickly looked at this posting earlier in the week and quite honestly I didn't pay that much attention to the details - I have a big project on my mind these days and that is getting the new roof on my shop building. John and I think that maybe the engine could have been changed out at some point in time. If Mikefit will post the engine number, we can determine what year the engine is. This old Buick looks to be in pretty decent condition. The book, BUICK - THE COMPLETE HISTORY shows that 10,279 of this model was produced for the 1923 model year. I was really somewhat surprised that there were that many made. This was an expensive model compared to the Roadster and Touring models. The engine in this car looks like the one in our 1922 Model 48. I hope the fellow will post the engine number for us. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  10. BLOWER MOTORS 1955

    When these motors lay around long enough to get the shafts seized up just freeing the shaft usually isn't enough to get them working. Commutators corrode over, brushes stick, springs lose tension, etc etc. If the windings aren't toasted they often can be massaged back into service. Way too early to give it up if the windings aren't burned..............Bob
  11. 65-66 Gransport pass ex manifold

    The exterior deminsions of the nailhead are the same 53 - 66 (ports are different shapes in the heads and motor mount locations are different) so the engine compartments in the 50's era cars should be big enough to accommodate the manifolds that are germane to which ever engine you choose to use. The Skylark engine compartment was designed for the 300 V8 and is much smaller so it it needs specially designed manifolds to show horn a nailhead into it.
  12. Speedster Builds.............

    I'm not too concerned about the location of the tag because I'd probably make the box to fit whatever battery I'm using. I just thought it was the sort of tiny detail that makes such a difference in making things look "right." (even if they aren't!)
  13. Speedster Builds.............

    Alsancle, I did not know how the Mercedes radiators were built, that method you suggest is very time and skill intensive. Talk about old world craftsmanship, that method is high on the list. Both my Locomobile and this Speedster project have the older square cellular design that incorporates the horizontal baffles. I would have a very hard time putting 50K into a radiator unless the end product would justify the means. (sadly my pockets are not that deep anyway) Al

    Flip that building around backwards and... I worked there. Here is what it looks like today:
  15. Speedster Builds.............

    I am curious about the 16,000 tubes... I don't think it is that many. I've calculated it by height and width based on an 8mm thin wall tube with the ends swedged hexagonal. It is really a very simple design. I got the idea of making one, if necessary, from the fact that it was patented by Carl Maybach in 1898 or '99 at a point when there was no such thing as specialized "radiator making" machinery. It had to have been made with the machines available at the time. In its original form, the tubes weren't swedged. they were held in a screen, not quite touching each other, and the solder filled the spaces on the ends. The swedged ends came later, probably around 1903. They were stronger and the entire thing was easier to make... the tubes were more or less "self alinging" and the finished construction stronger. They can be made as a solid block and the corners cut off to accommodate the tanks. The tricky part for most people would be swedging the tubes. In period, there were automatic machines to make them. It is said (and it may be an apocryphal story) that RR of America modified a cartridge making machine bought as surplus after WWI to make them. I rather doubt that because these radiators were in use long before then. In any case... with tubes 8mm in diameter and the block 24" wide and 26" tall, you'd need 6,328 tubes and that is without including the swedged ends and including the corners that would be cut off. I've designed a little machine to swedge the tubes, one at the time. It would be a tedious job but if you're only doing it once or twice and not for profit, it makes sense. I will say that if someone wants to pay a huge amount for one, I might make another! EDIT: I think the baffles are there on the square tube radiators to keep the rows straight. With square tube, if they went a tiny bit crooked it would be obvious where with the hexagonal tubes it is nowhere near as noticable. It would be a cold day in hell that I'd pay even 5,000 for a radiator, much less 10 times that amount.
  16. Selling Mom's 89 Reatta

    I don't recall it ever being driven during the winter months, at least not since Mom has owned it. I understand the non-running part being an issue. Trust me, I tried for years to convince her to sell it while it was still running but not being driven.
  17. Buyer's premium

    Auction companies do provide a service. It is not cheap to put together a large auction. A lot of leg work goes into setting up some of these auctions. I bet just the cost in putting together some of the catalogs would be up there. Ever priced renting Westworld? I to think the % is getting crazy. But my guess is auction companies try to keep it low to pull in more buyers/sellers? It will hit a wall one day, when people say enough. If there is one thing America knows how to do, it would be the ability to price yourself right out of the market.
  18. Will the orphan car survive..

    I think it is simple. It is a hobby just like bowling, softball, fishing, hunting, surfing, ect. You are not into the hobby to make money. You are into it to have fun. Period. If you want an investment get in the stock market and you can still lose money.
  19. Speedster Builds.............

    Joe, I will see what I can get from you regarding the tag on my battery box. Do you want measurements from the box and lid along with the picture of the tag? I may also build another box to go on the running board of the Locomobile. The box I have is one of the few that actually still have the correct battery box tag on it. Most battery boxes are converted tool boxes. Al
  20. concours classics or platinum classics

    I haven't heard of them myself. I looked on the internet, and I didn't see any reviews written about them. Their website says they are a restoration company. Their list of cars includes some expensive Classics.
  21. I think if I was going to use just the black jute-backed mat as the finished floor covering, I would cut the hole larger for the gearshift. When I cut it to exactly fit over the rubber boot stem, the mat actually moves every time you shift gears. So I had to cut the mat larger to allow the lever to move unfettered. I was wondering how it would look if you cut the hole in the mat larger, and placed the gearshift boot OVER the mat to make a nice finish. This way the gearshift lever can move through the gears without stretching, moving or distorting the rubber mat. The mat doesn't go back far enough to cover the battery cover plate, which is actually located under the seat. You would have to peel it back to get at the round removable master cylinder access hole in the floor. Being I used my mat basically as a carpet pad / sound deadener, it was more important to get the carpet holes correct, as the carpet is the finished product. I may try to attach the door sill plates over the rubber mat to keep it tight, but allow the carpet to lay on top of the sills. The carpet has a nice leather binding that lends a very nice, finished professional look to the job. i don't think I want to hide the binding. The mat from Bob's is the same thickness throughout. It is not any thicker in the middle. It was kind of "molded" over the transmission tunnel so it fit pretty good out of the box. (MUCH better than the carpet would have fit if I cut along the lines that are marked on it!) So, if you are placing carpet, do yourself a huge favor and create a template first. Use cardboard, plastic, .... whatever. Don't cut without thoroughly measuring, measuring and then measuring your floor first. I think I'll polish up the sills tomorrow and do a test fit. See what I like! Have a good night! G
  22. Thanks Jeff. I was very lucky to find this rare car and I’m trying my best to do it justice with my restoration.
  23. Model R rear wheel bearings

    Dodge face book page had this posted. If interested go to facebook and look at the early Dodge group. David Dearricott November 14 at 12:08am Hi. Can someone please help identify this diff. I have been told that it is from a Dodge. The ends have been cut off but the gears inside are fine. Thanks LikeShow more reactions CommentShare 11 Comments View 1 more comment David Dearricott Thanks very much for your help. LikeShow more reactions · Reply · November 15 at 4:22pm Remove Chris Berry What are you going to do with it? I need a rear gear LikeShow more reactions · Reply · November 16 at 8:40pm Remove Write a comment...
  24. I have seen this car sitting on a trailer in Anderson, IN for a long time now. I finally stopped and checked it out. I have no idea what it is. The motor, transmission and driveshaft are not in it. It looks like someone has done some custom work. Kind of a neat car. I thought I had taken a picture of the front end but when I checked my phone I had taken a picture of my finger. I am assuming $1,200 does not include the trailer.
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  26. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    You could probably drag this out and build a "derelict" out of it. Derelict - old patina body on a new tubular chassis with a high hp engine. 1948 Buick Super Convertible "derelict"
  27. I expect you have the tightening sequence committed to memory, right?😁
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