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  2. Barney Eaton

    Headlight motor repair video

    I stumbled on this headlight motor repair also listed it as for Reatta.......the motors are the same and the plastic rollers are the same. I found the video more humorous than helpful. If I knew how to do a video I would try and make a better one. The pin he had to hammer out is not used on the Reatta but once he got that out he could have pulled the gear without taking the assembly apart further. I think it was an excellent example of a poorly planned repair. Have fun watching.
  3. No names, I think it is a Studabaker promo shot because of the pennant on the windshield and the flawless clarity of the photo. Rather like saying, look how you can get away and go anywhere in a Stude 😁
  4. I did some digging and found where I had typed (yes, used a type writer) to put figures together on one sheet. These came from George H. Dammann's "70 Years of Buick" book published in 1973. What appears to be a difference of 42,162 cars made between my two Limited's one would guess that the VIN tags were not model specific as there were only 7,436 Limited's produced in total. I will be saving the door tag and cowl tag with a picture of her in her Glory Days.
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  6. Lebowski

    Car Logo Quiz...

    You probably have an ad blocker. I know I do and it's great....
  7. edinmass

    Trailer height and wind?

    Jim.....It’s always about the money. Recently I have been told the troopers are looking at tire load ratings and issuing tickets because the trailer weight exceeds the the tire carrying capability. Instant got ya with no way to get out of it. There will always be a new angle from each side. When towing open, I remove the plates so they can’t determine ownership even if they run the vin. I tow my own stuff 90 percent of the time, the other ten is usually a very close friend’s car. I have only moved one car for gain in the last twenty years, but have been accused of doing it for profit.
  8. This one should be a bit bigger. 1.52mb instead of 64.4kb.
  9. Hey folks. I own a 51 Plymouth Cranbrook. While I have owned many cars this one I never owned. I cant find the paint code on any part of the car so far, the door jams, engine fire wall, dash, etc. Is there a section of this make and model car the paint code is in that I am missing? Its a project car. Also I am looking for parts for the car but as of now mainly engine parts. Thanks and take care folks. Email:
  10. RivNut


    1951 Oldsmobile 98. Compare the side spear and the tip of the large stainless piece on the rear door.
  11. Saw this on Craigslist by me. Looks solid from the photos. 1940 4door special. Owners name is JT and number is 845-893-4599.
  12. project61

    Help! 32 Oil pressure issue

    Bob Engle, babbitt cam bearings are in, engine not yet started. See PM. Do you want me to return the setting plugs?
  13. Curti

    Straight 8

    OHV, probably Buick as well.
  14. trimacar


    Thanks for the update, Steve. Lots of rumors going around at Hershey, that helps clear it up....
  15. Well, One advantage of having cleaned up the garage some is being able to access the car when I want. Couldn't wait so took a shot of the Limited in the garage. Does anyone know the production sequence for Buick's in 1958?
  16. trimacar

    New to Model 20

    I've been informed the standpipe height is supposed to be 3/4". Thanks. could be, personally I'd rather more oil in case as long as it doesn't cause other issues.
  17. 70sWagoneers

    How to remove totque tube?

    Well, its back together, it spins, and it doesnt make noise... so I'm alright for now. Seperating the driveshaft from the pinion shaft was the hardest thing. I hung the assembly from a forklift with a bearing splitter and used a oxy-acetylene. When it had some heat, i picked the whole thing up and slammed it down on the bearing splitter. Brutal; I know. I replaced the pin with mild steel I turned down a couple of thou less than the hole. Replaced all the bearings which I found one of each of all four from different vendors (Bob's wants about $100 per bearing, I found em about $25 each). I made my own carrier bearing wrench. I set it up with the original set of pinion shims and about 0.006" backlash and hoped for the best. There was plenty more I WANTED to do but I tend to overdo things. Thanks to everyone that helped. If I can answer any questions, let me know Thanks James C
  18. FLYER15015

    Exterior horns for 35 Buick

    Scully, Send me the pictures too. I'm looking for a set for my '31 Chrysler. Mike in Colorado
  19. Curti

    How to leak check aluminum head?

    Some of the guys try polishing the aluminum heads on Auburns. In my opinion they never look finished. It is like a paint job with orange-peel.
  20. JFranklin

    Unsung inventors

    Here is a good short video of an auto pioneer. First turn signals.
  21. You've had some cool cars come out of your building!
  22. 70sWagoneers

    1937 Horn contact plate - Picture please

    What is the "brush" type thing lower down in the steering column referred to as? For a 37 Special.
  23. Took some time after work today to cleanup. Filled up the oil on my electric chain saw and got rid of the garbage trees that were preventing me from opening up the drivers side door on the Limited. It has been a long time since that door has opened and sprayed things generously to loosen things up. I need to check the door jamb numbers between this car and the one in the garage. I'm curious to know how close they were on the assembly line.
  24. auburnseeker

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    I unfortunately didn't find anything for my cars/ truck that I was willing to pony up for. I did buy 355 Pieces of literature for my business though with some being some pretty unusual pieces. Also picked up a few parts. This was the first year my literature far surpassed what I found in parts. All in I spent about $1850 for the parts and literature.
  25. Binkss


    1929 Studebaker Commander 8 FDT Looking for pair of Delco Remy Lovejoy front Shock Absorbers, Strap Type. Also Wire wheel tyre locking ring for the same vehicle Any help or leads or contact info as to where I may try, would would be most welcomed. Many thanks Peter
  26. PFitz

    Balancing Connecting Rods

    Mike, Try looking up the "crush specs" of grade 2 hardware store zinc washers and then figure out what happens to them at only 40 lbs. torque before you think someone should be "thrown out" of anywhere. I only suggest it because I know it works from experience. What's your experience using them in that type of application ? Paul
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