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  2. ID This Grill Please

    It's a '37 LaSalle. Do you want another one?
  3. Actually, the broker said that, but that's how the quote thing works here. How does one achieve the status of "serious buyer"? It seems to me that that would be an award bestowed AFTER the sale has been consummated. Like many people here, I've read thousands (millions?...a bazillion?) ads for cars and trucks for sale in my lifetime. "Serious buyers only" is one of those absolutely worthless phrases that says more about the seller and his attitude than it has any power to weed out the ones with only casual interest. And who is to say that the one tire kicker (another stupid phrase) won't hit the lottery tomorrow and suddenly be transformed into a very serious buyer. Why weed out ANYONE from the buyer pool? Get everyone in, buy them hot dogs, let 'em kick those tires. There may be a pleasant surprise in store for you, Mr. Professional Broker.
  4. What Make?

    It does look like a 1932 Pontiac, but the ornament and grille on the car in question baffle looks to have the letter "G" on the ornament. No cowl lights on the Pontiac, but has fender mounted parking lights.
  5. throwout bearing

    my Dodge came with this type of throwout bearing, but the return spring holder is broken off. I found this one, but was told it is for 40"s era dodge. Does anyone know if it will fit? I have a 38 D8 engine with the 3 speed tranny for a drive train.
  6. Hemmings Motor Oil

    I see your point. They could not certify because the oil is not SN because the Zink is too high to meet SN. That would be the best case you could hope for. But if that's the case, why not state it as such? An API level of certification comes after passing a number of very specific and difficult tests that are costly to run and certify to. Why not take a current oil that meets SN API Certification and then add Zink/ZDDP to some level above the SN concentration and state just that 'this is SN certified oil with the following modified total Zinc content of XXX' and sell it? They don't do that. After all, that is what many of us are doing by adding ZDDP 'concentrate' to our current SN certified oil. Or buying 'diesel' SN oil with higher ZDDP. The Zink 'poisons' catalytic converters, so state this oil is for use in vehicles not so equipped. This is what they do on 'diesel' oils with higher Zink. Not meeting any API rating is of concern to me. You can purchase non detergent oil that meets something like SA or SB still, so as long as you state the rating and meet it, you can sell it. That's sort of the point of the API system. Here's an interesting link on API ratings and timeframes. 9 bucks a quart, I need more info than they provided and I told my buddy the same.
  7. Mack auction company

    I was just browsing groups on facebook and found an amazing barn find auction coming Aug. 4 2018 in Alida Saskatchewan. Its the Gervais family farm and sells unreserved. I cant load a link here because Im using a new tablet and dont know how yet. But if someone here could load the link there is a short video and some pics. It is well worth viewing, and if I win a lottery before then I'll be going myself. Just look up Mack Auction Company on line or facebook to see what I'm talking about.
  8. 1929 timing chain

    Cool I now have a timming chain and head gasket on the way not cheap but the car is useless with out but I'm happy any way😄
  9. Randall, Thank you for the nice comments. One of the things I do like about the 400 point judging is that you are only competing against yourself. What you do with that information is up to you and you are the captain of the ship. On the other hand, the recognition of your peers is a very great honor as well. Either situation, whatever the outcome, it is always a fun, rewarding experience interacting with fellow Buick/Riviera lovers. I also have to thank you for your help with the ground work for my 4 note horn installation. Thanks for the detailed, accurate measurement pictures. Bill
  10. How Many Cars, How Many Buicks

    Just had my 78 birthday, I agree with Brian, you can never own too many cars or have enough garage space. In all that time I have owned just 2 foreign cars, a 58 Ford Anglie, and '62 A-H Sprite, First Buick was a 1955 Special 2 dr , 6 other Buicks and 11 Reattas. In addition I have owned at least 35 Corvairs and still have one. I will think about all the others, and give a tally later
  11. What Make?

    Looks Pontiac-ish to me. Probably a 1932.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Ancient Auto Display

    I saw this on another site and wondered if anyone here would like to see it.
  14. What Make?

    Anyone know what make this is?
  15. Member with Bad Reputation

    Yes, I got a "time out' of sorts. I had several posts and was getting a lot of good feedback on them. I tend to like each poster on my thread to acknowledge them. Not sure how many were too many, but it had to be in the range of 40-50 I would guess? I am sure they limit it to keeps bots at bay.
  16. Hemmings Motor Oil

    As I understand it, one cannot API certify an oil to a standard that is not current. Many hobbyists are clamoring for more zinc than the current standards allow. If you cannot certify to an old standard, that implies that any oil aimed at hobbyists who want more zinc would not be certified. I have no experience with this particular oil.
  17. LED bulbs

    Las Vegas Dave posted dash bulb information for 6 v cars a while back on the pre-war site
  18. Congratulations Bill! Very nice looking '63! I did the 400 point judging a few years ago with a couple of mine as you did, and as you said, I knew wasn't going to change anything, I just wanted to see what happened. It was interesting for sure. The judging sheets can be informative, or at least interesting, it is different than the ROA's peer judging that is for certain.
  19. Member with Bad Reputation

    Didn't you once post that the forum software thought you were "liking" too many things? How much was too much?
  20. Member with Bad Reputation

    My guess is they all count as "engagement" and carries the same weight. None are of a negative connotation. Even "sad" is more apt to refer to a car or topic, not the poster. I think the reputation is mostly a popularity indicator (how much they engage are people engage with them).
  21. 1955 Buick Roadmaster with factory A/C (not mine)

    The back seat decorations are a bit much. Depending on what "transmission work" this needs, looks like a nice car. Funny that the factory air will freeze you out, but the heater won't work!
  22. Member with Bad Reputation

    OH! I have been wondering as long as I have been here what a "like" button does in a forum context. I never noticed the reputation indicator Since the forum upgrade, there seems to be multiple ways to "react" to a post. I wonder how this affects the count?
  23. ID This Grill Please

    I guess, and I guess it's a good thing I don't stay in Tx with the 7200 sq ft of garages. At least I sold off the 4000 sq ft building. That could have gotten out of hand way too fast.
  24. ID This Grill Please

    Victoria Lynn, Now you are sounding like the rest of us. I think the hook has be set as they say on the Fishing web sites.
  25. New Delivery to AACA! WOW!

    Wow, what a difference a week makes. I was at the AACA Library last Tuesday, and the room was filled with crates from a literature collection. The cars look great. Thanks. John
  26. Mechanical fuel pumps and ethanol

    Thank you everyone for the responses!. I guess I will put the old one back on.
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