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  2. Barney Eaton

    Trunk lock repair

    It took some time but I finally have a few parts for anyone that need to replace the missing parts on the trunk lock. I have called Strattec distributors from coast to coast only to find everyone is out of the parts. My best luck has been the distributors given me leads to other vendors. Presently I have enough parts for 20 kits. I don't know if more parts will surface. If you need this kit, the present price is $11.00.......that is the cap, shutter, 2 springs, instructions and shipping. If any of you have gun smith talent, there may be a way of taking chrome/stainless steel parts and making them black. They could be painted black but who knows how long that will last.
  3. old-tank

    Hydraulic Brakes on a ‘35’ Buick.

    Brake fade is when inert gases are generated between the pad and the rotor/ drum from high heat that creates a squish zone. Has nothing to do with boiling fluid. Fluid will boil and cause partial or total loss of brakes: driving in the mountains with a front disc car and auto trans following some timid fool that was causing me to brake more often even with downshift. The brakes started pulling to one side (fluid had boiled in the opposite side caliper and the resultant vapor would not compress). The fluid was about 10 years old and contaminated with water over those years lowering the boiling point. Less likely to happen on drum brake cars. I now flush all of mine every 2 years: suck out the master cylinder, 4 pumps to each wheel cylinder (2 ounces).
  4. John Byrd

    Inflatable paint booth

    Theirs had a LOT of filtered air coming through vents on the upper hoop parts, exhausting out the big doors that were also filtered, and I wear a chemical respirator.... had isocyanate poisoning before from urethane- type paints.
  5. I know most people do not like to complain but if there is a vendor operating in an unsafe manner or anything you see that should be reported to the region please go to the Hershey Region main tent on the Chocolate Field and calmly let them know what the problem is. They have means to deal with it. I dread having to move my suburban through the crowd as on two days I have to leave early due to duties outside the park. It is dangerous as can be. The whole issue of motorized vehicles of any type is our single largest exposure to liability for the event. It is too easy for someone to be distracted whether it is a pedestrian or someone driving a cart. I rarely use my cart but have to ignore it when someone yells my name or risk hitting someone. I am sure some people think I am being rude, I am not just scared to avert my eyes! This year I might be much more proactive in talking about those that violate our rules. Not my job but it is my job to protect our members and the public.
  6. 46 woodie

    Hershey wooden nickel

    Sorry Pax, I just looked thru my "stash" and don't have a '90. I don't know if you went to Hershey or not but I saw someone selling the wooden nickels for $5.00 a pop. Nothing early, mostly 2000s and up. Quite enterprising, get them for free and try to sell them for $5, oh well it takes all kinds.
  7. West Peterson

    Jack Juratovic RIP

    Jack had a great sense of humor. He and I went on a 700+ mile drive several years ago in his 1939 Mercury convertible, taking the Dixie highway from Dayton to Hilton Head and staying off the freeway almost the entire way. I showed him Portsmouth, Ohio's famous levy murals and he was extremely happy to see them and was greatly impressed by the artistry. I snapped this picture that day.
  8. West Peterson

    Jack Juratovic RIP

    Jack called me after we featured your car in the magazine. I asked him to write a letter about his memories of doing that, but he never got around to it.
  9. And it might be easier to just send him a PM here rather than going through ebay.
  10. 1912Staver

    Kissel 1918 Sedanette

    Thanks for the clarification , a very robust timing set up. Are all the other mechanical components overbuilt to this degree ? Greg
  11. GARY F

    Inflatable paint booth

    Looks great. What do you ware for breathing when in the booth?
  12. 46 woodie

    Yard sale carburetor

    Well for $10, I guess I'll have to find someone with a tractor that can use a carb.
  13. Beemon

    Hydraulic Brakes on a ‘35’ Buick.

    Brake fade is when inert gases are generated between the pad and the rotor/ drum from high heat that creates a squish zone. Has nothing to do with boiling fluid.
  14. John Byrd

    Inflatable paint booth

    Zimm63, I had no idea of the cost, so I looked on Google... Looks like from the 9 hundred dollar range on up per size and features. There are some on flea-bay and Amazon also lists them.
  15. Beemon

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Yeah the top is will be an NPT tapped barb fitting. The alternator issue is relatively easy, but requires another relay in the circuit to ground the switch and open the circuit without grounding the alternator. The big thing to overcome is the fact that it's the motor mount that needs to be modified. I am keeping the generator, but if I were to switch to an alternator, I would either find the high mount off of a late 401 or cut the generator bracket off the motor mount.. or ideally go to a powergen, if needed.
  16. Cleaning out my garage, not too concerned what I get but don't want to go to trouble to box up and take to post office or UPS for shipping quote (and post pictures) unless there is genuine interest. Best offer
  17. I believe the owner was asking $11,000.00. Nice Olds.
  18. Folks on bikes are a danger to meet. Some fellow who should have know better, almost clipped me on Friday, and I don't heal like I used to. Every year you have two fellows in a cart going a little too fast through the car corral. People are people. I am surprised that no one gets seriously hurt during the meet. Steve, thank you and all the folks involved that make Hershey a success year after year. John
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  20. countrytravler


    Is Vintage transport on here still hauling?
  21. West Peterson

    Yard sale carburetor

    Googling those numbers... looks like something for a tractor.
  22. grandpa's car

    need help identifying grandpa's car

    Hello again, Yes indeed, i think the picture has fooled me about the louver insert. I have found no others with that trate. just to properly conclude, the Stude' forum has assisted a bit and nailed it down some more. they believe the car is a: 1917 Studebaker Series 18, model ED, six cylinder. Thanks again and again for starting the clues from Buick onward to Stude' - Pete, thanks for egging it onward to success. Now to find one to recover ... eeeek. thank you all, steve
  23. Pat Hollingsworth

    Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    "great care... will proceed now.....door wires". Roger, we wouldn't believe you'd do anything besides these things. The only thing surprising here is that you've not figured out a way to make the gas gauge and speedometer work too! Or....have you?
  24. mel matheson

    1934 chev original radiator

    This radiator needs a little help, one side needs to be resoldered. $100.00 + shipping
  25. Ah, Gold Crown and Red Crown grades of gas!
  26. Ronnie

    Headlight motor repair video

    Now that we are all in agreement I'm going to lock this topic so we'll remain one big happy family. The video speaks for itself. You can take it for what it's worth.
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