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  2. 1960 MGA Restoration

    Congratulations on your project, MGA's are my favorite cars, I have two of them that I haven't started restoring yet but will start soon! one is a 1960 convertible and the other is a 1958 Hard top! call me at 337-378-8822 if you would like to chat about them!
  3. T Head Maxwell Roadsters

    I looked at this car in person in Virginia last fall at Mr. Scotto's residence in Virginia. While complete, I believe it would need a thorough rebuild as a minimum and likely a full restoration. It is a complete car, reportedly formerly from Austin Clark's collection. It is a magnificent car, though; would love to own it someday.
  4. Bump, car is still for sale.
  5. '64 power vent window gears

    Ii have a similar issue with the driver's side vent window. I had the door skin off and it looks like the gear box for that crank (mine is manual, not motorized) is riveted on. Is that correct or did I not look long enough at finding the fasteners? I really regret not taking photos of it so i could refer back to them. Anyways concerning the gears themselves, bronze is perfectly fine if the gears are meshing correctly. There isn't high torque or high speed, so as long as they are aligned and mesh nicely there shouldn't be a problem.
  6. We went to a local cruise night tonight. I drove the Skyhawk and Suzanne drove the Reatta. British cars were featured tonight - I have some photos on the camera. Only one obligatory GN tonight.
  7. 1953 Pontiac Chieftain Grille parts

    Hello everyone! my name is Joe Sierra, I happened to come across this Blog, and noticed someone trying to find a center grille emblem ring. I have one and also some extra 1953 grille parts. But I am also looking for some grille parts. I need both fender eye brows,(continuation of the Hood front bar, and both grille ends,(The big housing where you mount the turn signal housings. If anyone knows where I can buy this Items or who ever the person needing the center emblem ring is, Please let me know. Jose Sierra, 337-378-8822. Thank you very much!
  8. What's the better buy?

    Even better price.
  9. Thanks for the info Winston . KReed ROA 14549
  10. A question about a hole in my block

    I just went to my shed to check my '24........yes it has a drain cock but it's forward of the carburetor. Go figure.......
  11. New project for knobsoup

    That's an undertaking for sure Keith, keep us posted.
  12. A question about a hole in my block

    I am betting you would find 1/8 pipe threads in that hole for a drain cock to drain the block of water. Take an airhose and clean it out.
  13. A question about a hole in my block

    From what I've seen only Dodge Brothers cars have that throttle setup.
  14. That's how I left it. Get the title and call me. He doesn't think there will be a problem. Well see about that. But tells me he will get right on it. He can prove that he has had it for twenty years and also knows the guy that had it for the previous twenty. I need to ask him to gather it all up in one place, its scattered all over his place. It is actually his dads, the old guy was there but has left it to the son to deal with. He told me that he has the ID plate and will produce it. Would that be a FEDCO plate? I didn't see any place on the dash where it would have been.
  15. Pebble/Monterey?

    Congratulations to all the winners, and everyone with a car on the lawn. If that is the exJames Melton 1907 Renault this is a photo of it here in town when it was just an old car in the 1920's. Bob
  16. A question about a hole in my block

    Um, it might help if you tell us what the car is?
  17. 1965 Pontiac GTO convertible factory black/black 4-speed

    Beautiful car Matt. You have to open that rear plastic window before lowering that top. It will rip. My friend has a 66 in the same shape. He bought it out of the Detroit News in 68. Never been touched. GLWS
  18. I just thought of an even easier way... A collar that is a slip fit over the splined drum... very close but not "tight" Measure the width of the splines and get some "dog point" set screws that will fit into the spline. Put two of those, in line, on one side of the collar. On the opposite side put a larger "soft point" set screw. They are made with Nylon, Brass and Silver tips. I generally prefer Brass when it's contacting a smooth surface and Nylon when the set screw goes up against threads. This should be relatively easy to make and saves making a special key to match the width of the spline.
  19. AACA Bettendorf Ia Meet

    I had not carried my spare video card so was somewhat limited on photos so hope someone has all cars as here are a few. Robert
  20. '64 power vent window gears

    Shop around, especially on Ebay, I`ve recently seen these gears marketed/priced very attractively in pairs. They were originally offered years ago by Hydro-E-Lectric and can be found here: We are lucky they are available in any material...if you open the pic on their website they dont look bronze to me? Tom
  21. Early 1920s Studebaker ?

    It is interesting that looking at the rear on the light/ignition switch the key actuated section is labeled "mag & grd". This indicates that there were switches dedicated to cars with a magneto. The other terminals are labeled "head, rear, horn and battery" with a fuse between battery the three accessory terminals. The bayonet fixing holding the rear section onto the main body of the switch are set at unequal spacing so the it can only go together in the one location. The key section has the number 39 stamped into it so at least I know that this is the "combination" key that I am looking for. If any of the other 1920's Studebaker owners have a key stamped with 39 I would love to get a copy. While many local locksmiths have the Lucas "NRM" combinations in their computers I doubt that any would have the 1920's Studebaker dedicated combinations.
  22. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    This fantastic Ascot was at Pebble this weekend. It won a class award and something else.
  23. Who Uses Their Old Car/Truck As Primary Transportation?

    I feel like a young a slacker when I admit that I drive my 1980 Plymouth Volare Spring,Summer, and Fall as much as I can. The problem is at my age it just seems like I am driving a used car, not an almost 40 year old one.
  24. Old 1930s bugatti

    Correct. A fishing expedition. Also, the rest of you guys should know this car well since we have discussed it to death on the forum.
  25. Finally getting around to adding water to the system. There is a hole in the block to the right of the carburetor. It does not appear to have threads. Can someone please confirm the purpose and if it is to have a welch plug in it? Please forgive the jury rigged components in the picture. Have not got to that part of the PO quick fixes. Thanks for the assistance. Paul.

    North Shore of Lake Erie.
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