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  2. GregLaR

    Bring a Battery......and Maybe Some Gas.

    ....then there's the whole "bad ju-ju" thing about having a car that was almost certainly occupied by the driver's cadaver for at least half of those 20 rollovers. 💀
  3. dl456

    1969 SS 427 PROJECT

    Steve, Center the hole and start with a 1/4'' or slightly larger bit. Then use a step drill to proper size. It will look like a factory punched hole. You could probably get by with a harbor freight tool but a Irwin will last forever. This is also the best method to enlarge any existing hole. Dennis
  4. John Lynn

    Motometer Red Line

    Thanks to everyone who has replied - plenty for me to try. Im still waiting for it to arrive from Norway of all places !!
  5. John Lynn

    Motometer Red Line

    Thanks to everyone who has replied - Im still waiting for it to arrive from Norway of all places !!
  6. John Lynn

    Salisbury Differential

    Thanks for your information. I didn't get an email reminder on your reply , so have only picked up your message today. Looks like I did not click reply notification. Much appreciated.
  7. I had a rattle in my 1930 Chrysler, only at certain speeds. My friend , a retired mechanic, and I couldn't find it. On day I noticed the water pump pulley had a slight wobble . The bore in the pulley was egged out a little. Had it bored and bushed and the noise went away.
  8. You can see the lights flickering, this happened to me on a OT vehicle albeit 28 yrs old. Chased this gremlin for a long time replacing good voltage regulators, rechecking grounds, Battery terminals, running separate ground to voltage regulator, you name it. Then one day, deciding to try again I followed the wiring harness from the alternator ( i realize you have a generator) to the voltage regulator. I checked the connections and found corrosion but most of all I found was the feed wire to the voltage regulator was soft and almost looked twisted under the covering. I cleaned the connection and it helped but when I replaced the wire with a slightly heavier wire, my problem was solved. It seemed that through the years the wire was losing resistance and the corrosion at the plug wasn't helping either and the only time it was noticeable was at idle. Check terminals, plug connectors, wire harness. We have to remember that what were dealing with are 60 +/- yrs old. What may look good on the outside may not be working 100% on the inside. Hope this helps you
  9. I'm surprised that I dislike it as much as I do. Love the chopped look on other cars - usually '50s era ones - but it looks like too far of an extreme in my mind for this Riv.
  10. edinmass

    cylinder head

    hope the link works, a huge repair, done old school. Craftsmanship is ALMOST dead. If I were a teenager again, I would apprentice with my local stitch guy.......... its a more valuable skill than most college educations. don't know how to correctly post the link.
  11. Nice restored 1939 Buick Special 41C Phaeton. Very rare car . Interesting history. I am only the 4th owner. Original Straight 8 Dynaflash engine. Artillery wheels, new radial tires . Has been converted to 12 volt. Runs and drives excellent. Great car for parades , weddings etc.$48,000 USD buyer responsible for shipping. Car is located in Vancouver. British Columbia. Canada . I can help find someone to ship if needed.
  12. These two from Dave Kindig come to mind. I have seen several others.
  13. HAIM PAZ

    1941 Buick Super Front and Rear bumpers

  14. RivNut

    V6 oil cooler adaptor

    My '94 Roadmaster wagon has an oil cooler. But it's a piece that's sandwiched between the block and the filter. It cools via a small air cooled radiator of its own. This one is aftermarket but you'll get the idea. \ \
  15. Luv2Wrench

    1969 SS 427 PROJECT

    Someone will chime in with something better... but a hole saw will work.
  16. There is a big difference between the original 18,500 commuter miles and the follow-on enjoyment miles. The commuter miles had distractions like getting groceries, making the appointment on time, getting to the golf course ahead of everybody else, etc. Your miles are all smiles!
  17. Pete Phillips

    1951 Buick Special - History

    Ben is correct and WH Mitchell's account is correct. They all share the same basic body and rear fenders/quarter panels in 1950. For 1951-53, the Special has its own body, with welded rear fenders/quarter panels, and different tail lights and parking lights from the big series Buicks. The Supers and Roadmasters in 1951-53 use bolt-on rear fenders/quarter panels, and the grille bars & bumpers do not interchange with the 1951-53 Specials. I don't know why GM did it this way.
  18. OLDMAN

    Olds model 43A cyl head

    I failed to mention in my previous posts that the crack in my Olds cyl head is nearly impossible to see. The head was leaking on the outside and dripping down on the engine block. It was also leaking on the inside and getting antifreeze into the engine oil. When it was pressured tested, the machinist said he did not have the capacity to weld the crack. My question is, would stitch welding seal the crack, or should it be seam welded? I thank everyone in advance for your opinions. Oldman
  19. Jeff Thanks for your reply. I just pulled my AQ and took a look, unfortunately not much in the way of details regarding which units were supplied by Gray & Davis to Peerless. I also pulled two more AQs and still no details. I wish someone would make a usable indes for the last 10 years (Vol 41:1 thru Vol 51:1) of Automobile Quarterlies. It appears that my problem is that I have a Gray & Davis Type G Starter and I need a G&D Type K (awaiting verification on the correct Type) for my 1914 Overland 79. I'm wonder what G&D two piece starter type (model) was used in the Peerless application?
  20. How many of you have seen wheels like this put on a car? /
  21. As I continue, albeit slowly, to work on my three cars, I keep Linda from doing something drastic by keeping a Riviera that we call hers. For the last three meets we've attended, two with a '93 and two with a '90, she's been awarded three Class Winner plaques and one Best in Class plaque. I was lucky enough to find a couple of cars that were in good shape and priced fairly. They don't require much time and money but she's well rewarded. She's part of the process. She's happy, I'm happy. Ed
  22. 1957buickjim

    My 57 Buick special project

    I've used Rhode Island Wiring for my harnesses. Exact fit. Correct Colors for wiring diagram in shop manual for trouble shooting.
  23. KLF, Thank you for the knowledge. I would have never thought Packard.
  24. tilomagnet

    PreWar Mercedes Benz

    I dont see this mentioned in the auction description. You are saying this is a fraud?
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  26. harvest

    Is this a Fog Light?

    37hd and taylor, Thank you. I hope someone could use it.
  27. Bob Engle

    Rebuiding a 1931 90 Series Engine

    The covers on the regulators are prone to rust through from water eddy currents. I would suggest plating the inside or epoxy coating the inside. The oil pressure through the unit should be much higher than the water pressure. Oil in the radiator would be the indicator of a leak. Bob Engle
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