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    Found on CL somewhere in Creataville, US: "1940 buick super coupe chopped 5 inches bagged lays frame on ground..professional built has chevy 350 engine with 700 r4 overdrive trans..gets 22 mpg at 80 mph..all modern suspension runs and drives like a dream drive car anywhere" Don't rear enyone or you'll have a Dagmar shoved into your sternam:

    Big difference what the present owner of the first car paid for his car than what the owner of the second car paid. I take that back because $950.00 back then was a lot of money for a farmer out on the grasslands. Cal.
  4. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    I don't have any wrenches. But I do have an excellent collection of spanners! And Whitworth still gets a fair workout around here.
  5. How did Buick measure wheel width?

    Exactly. The rim width is where the bead sits, and you need a tire off to measure it accurately. Those are only a close guess. It's purpose is to tell the balancing machine how far the weights will be apart. It would make sense for it to measure the actual distance, but as I recall the one I have is compensated, and measures something close to actual rim width, at least on steel wheels. It would read a little high on aluminum due to the extra thickness of the metal. The plastic thing touches the outside of the bead surface. The outside edge of the rim hangs out even further, and is usually not very consistent. It is hard to guess what they might have measured. If they truly measured to the outer edge, you probably have 5 inch wide wheels. If they just did it like they were going to balance a tire, then they are probably 5 1/2 or 6 inches. For what its worth, I was measuring some 1936 Pontiac wheels yesterday, and they match the book at 4 1/2 inches wide. They measure 5 3/4" at the outer edge of the lip, and so gained slightly over an inch when measuring that way. I would expect similar results on the Buick wheels.
  6. Wanted 1936 Plymouth Rim 16 inch

    can you post a picture of what you want? I have a couple of mid-30s Plymouth rims, but I am not sure of the exact year.
  7. Is it a 1930 Chevrolet water pump?

    Trying to identify the application of this Chevrolet water pump. I think it may be for 1930 or other years around it. We had a '30 Chevrolet engine to rebuild a few years ago, but one of the water pumps that supposedly went with it would not fit. Has a casting number of A20-1 and stamped numbers 6217-1. Any help greatly appreciated to identify this. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  8. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    I do have a few Whitworth wrenches
  9. DOUBLE DIN Radio

    looks absolutely great!!!!!
  10. 1953 Chevrolet Belair Dealer showroom plates, or later?

    I agree. I think they were made much later as collectible souvenirs. I agree that the style isn't quite right. And in 1953, the size of a license plate had not been standardized. The size varied from state to state until around 1957. So if these are made to the modern size, with holes in exactly the modern pattern, that's another clue that they may be newer.
  11. I'm on Kevin's team. Frankly, don't care if my two babies EVER increase in value. I'll love 'em, and enjoy driving them, just the same. It was NEVER my intent to own an 'investment' when I bought either car, even though the '91 was a very limited edition. I've several friends who have older Corvettes who think they're the best thing since sliced bread and K-cups and think my Reattas are 'cute' little cars, but that's all. "Can't compare to a Vette", in their opinion. I wouldn't trade any of them even up and have expressed that more than once to a couple Corvette snobs. IMHO the near $26K for the S60 was a steal. Bob
  12. Is there Interest in an AACA group in the PNW?

    I received a few letters in March 2014 from a AACA club member who was putting together people to do what you are talking about. I have the letters, and can post them. He goes by the user name jeff_a, he might have a lot of info that could help in putting together what you are talking about.
  13. 39 Century? What is this model?

    This car is an A number one 401K depleter. Good only if you have a passion for this particular car.
  14. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    My father claims he had tools before he had three sons, hasnt seen them since. I keep finding tools with his initials on them in my box. I think he's planting them there to make a point....

    Bobby Allison
  16. Hinge on a Buick Trunk

    Thanks John. I was told it might simply need adjusting.
  17. DOUBLE DIN Radio

    Finally got the pix to upload. No picture of the GPS antenna because it is beneath the IP cover (and works fine). They were able to mount the rear vision camera on the deck lid without drilling any holes in the car.

    Big difference in the hoity toity 's driving on manicured grass vs the Buicks wearing "work clothes" in the previous posts.
  19. 1918 Trailmobile Trailer Semi

    I like it!
  20. I know this is tough as most of this car is obscured but there is a bit of bumper visible. I think it is a 30's car but don't know enough about vintage US models to identify it myself.
  21. unknow engine need help

    I don't know what it is but I like it!
  22. I'm looking for anyone that can help with sheet metal parts or INFORMATION on the chassis for this truck. Trying to verify if the chassis is the same as possibly a 1948 Ford pickup. Chassis drawings or any info would be appreciated.
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  24. helloo

    Some of the early Audis are wonderful looking machines. I've had no experience with them though.
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