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  2. I (being the little guy 2nd from left) fondly recall the 1948 Furturamic
  3. Little did Johnny know pulling that traffic cone to have a few laughs with his friend sent this unsuspecting 54 Buick driver into a freshly laid street of concrete. Run Johnny run!
  4. The last generation Riviera is still a road worthy daily driver for a lot of folks, including many ROA members; I see many of them around town doing their dally routines. There's a real economical advantage in being able to drive a car regularly then clean it up on Saturday for the show on Saturday night at the local drive in. I really liked the '95 that I had, but I bought it to flip it. It was hard to carry parts and stuff to and from the body shop and the machine shop, the trunk wasn't big enough or accessible enough. Now the '90 Riviera is a Sunday driver and all the work is done with Large Marge. She's still of the same era though. (brought two ten foot long 2 x 4's home from Lowes in it the other day and all the doors and windows were closed; nothing hanging out the tali gate. Went to Arkansas last week and got 21 mpg round trip, highway and city. Ed
  5. If it starts when cold, what else should I check?
  6. Thanks, 89 RedDarkGray. I'm home. I'll see if it starts after it cools down. I replaced the crank position sensor about a month ago.
  7. The photos Lamar posted are of a 4 cylinder model 39 sport roadster with Truarc disk wheels. I like it. Photo below is of a model 39 at the Portland meet. The first photo of the white car depict a 6 cylinder model 54 sport roadster. The photo is of the one I tried to buy in Vermont and later was a Bugle cover car. Period Ad with the wire wheels.
  8. Thank you guys, that is a lot of interesting information. I have an original replaceable element style. I think I will remove and measure the old cartridge and try Napa. Thanks again.
  9. And that's just the entry level Special.
  10. Hi all! I am working on the estate of a family member who recently passed away and he owned this Whizzer bike. I have more info at home and will update this post tonight or tomorrow, but I think the bike is from the 40s. There is a AAC of America plaque on it. I believe the bike was in running condition 4 years ago and then sat unused inside since then. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  11. What about NY NJ and CT? From the Dellwood milk crates in the photos I tend to think it the tri-state area in the NE
  12. Are you home or away? Have you tried starting since it has cooled down? If you have a can of PC Duster- with straw aimed at behind the Harmonic Balancer- directed at the Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS) hold can upside down, and give the CPS a 5 second spray. Immediately try to start it. If it starts up- the CPS is failing.
  13. Gotta be careful what you say in today's world. Someone is always out there "refining" what you meant into what you said.
  14. Try an ad on the MTFCA forum.
  15. Oh, come on now! You need to see this car in action before you make comments on what it looks like. 165 mph with a straight 8 on the salt flats??? Hats off to Jeff Brock the creator. It's not built to look pretty, it's built to go fast, world record fast.
  16. OMG! I use 20W-50 in my T's. No problems after 30,000+ miles.
  17. At 3AM, thinking my fingers would fall off, I never would have been able to relate you your experience. My Wife's makeup? she just came in the house barefoot. I hope she doesn't come over here and read this. She thinks I am working. Bernie
  18. Can I make it a fourth? Welcome aboard and look forward to meeting you in Brookfield. Larry DiBarry
  19. Hey! You edited my reply and changed the meaning. Do you work for CNN? If your nose doesn't grow you will develop a slight stutter like this guy. Be careful.
  20. Hello everyone, hope all is good with you. Well, slowly getting my 90 Reatta back in working order however, lately it idles up and down then smooths out. Today I took it for a short ride and when I parked, it stalled. Now, it won't start. Turns over but, not starting. What direction should I take? Thanks
  21. Lock to lock on the steering wheel. You can look back to Tom's post #25 for how many turns lock to lock the "handling package" has when compared to the standard steering.
  22. Consider temporarily installing a fuel pressure gauge at the carb inlet to monitor what is happening when the car stalls. This will tell you if it is fuel or ignition.
  23. Thanks Leon, I called this morning and left a message so look forward to hearing from them
  24. This ad is a good example of what options you'll find listed on your data plate. ONLY options that were installed at Fisher Body get stamped into the plate. And the picture is definitive of the way that the bodies rolled out of the door at Fisher Body on their way to final assembly. No frame, no engine / trans / rear end, no front sheet metal. What you see is what Fisher Body delivered. Ed
  25. And when she starts and runs like a champ you can sit back and say,"That is my handy work."
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