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  2. Thank a BCA Member

    Larry Di Barry and Terry Wiegand for seeing what parts I was missing and then making them and sending them to me and then not taking any money.
  3. Speedster Builds.............

    I have a few Depression and WW2 stories that are not to different from yours. I wonder how our youth could or would survive if conditions were ever to be like those days again? Are your 27" wheels Firestone or Goodyear? Al
  4. When you put this on your car, only you will know. And once you put it on, it's just a nice used part.
  5. Thank a BCA Member

    Mark Shaw for finding me more parts than I can count and for teaching me how to park at national meets. Roberta Vasilow and Larry Schramm for lending me their trailers over the years. My wonderful wife for parking outside more often than she should have to due to a project that overflowed into her garage spot and for navigating 1000's of miles of tours even when the weather or directions were less than perfect. My late father and all the great times we had touring in the Buick that would have never happened without it.
  6. 1978 Mercury Marquis battery

    cap less batteries were available replacements at JC Penny in the mid 1975-78. I had one in my TR6, why it had a life time warranty. when quit I get a new one.
  7. Tires for 1918 Buick 7 passenger touring

    I think Universal Tire is owned by Coker. I just ordered stuff from each, and the invoices and return emails look identical, in ways that cannot be coincidental. Plus, Universal is selling Firestones at the same price as Coker. What's the story?

    Hi 30s, Firstly check the part # of the front axle It is cast onto the axle on the right side front between the spring perch and the kingpin pivot If your frame # is below A 204877 the axle part # should be 18303 If your frame # is above A 204877 the axle part # should be 32409 . Maybe they are not original pins that are in your car that is if they do not have a hex head From the info that I have the hex head pin went up until late 27 I hope that I have been of some help Ron
  9. 1923 Buick

    Can you share what info is on the cowl tag? The reason I ask is because the valve cover and starter generator are not 1923, they are earlier. Engine serial # ? It's stamped in the aluminum crankcase on a pad near the oil fill pipe.
  10. Circa 1920 touring car with hardtop

    They ALL have the same hubcaps.
  11. Specialized transport of your collector....

    Also, please don't think that well-to-do people will spend profligately. Unlike on TV shows, they earned their money and saved it by investing carefully and wisely. One billionaire I know of has his own trailer with lifts inside, able to transport 4 cars to national meets. Another man, whose annual income has been at least $30,000,000, I told of a car for sale; and his very first question was, "What's he asking for it?" The truly wealthy I have encountered are as modest and friendly, and even thrifty, as anyone else. But I don't think they frequent our forum!
  12. Speedster Builds.............

    27" - it really excellent condition. There is no reason to replace them. In fact, there are traces of original paint and pin striping on them. I have 4 37x5 tires - old but good enough for my purposes as they aren't cracked and that size is huge overkill for a car as light as the Mitchell. I'd like to find at least 2 more for the spares. My grandfather only owned 2 cars in his lifetime and was my only grandparent who learned to drive. He was born in 1883 but didn't drive until the early 30s when he bought a 28 or 29 Chevy. His 2nd car was a 34 Chevy. He gave that to my uncle to drive to his first posting as a newly commissioned officer at the beginning of WWII. It as already up on blocks for lack of gas and he died very shortly thereafter. The man who owned the local corner shop, Hiram Berger, collected ration coupons from the neighbors so that my mother and grandmother could take his ashes to the other end of the state where his family was customarily buried. Those were very different days.
  13. JJ

    I noticed that!
  14. I completely agree. It would be a highly specialized white glove service. I don't think many could pull this off, but the right person with deep pockets who could afford a specialized transport rig could be rewarding.
  15. Specialized transport of your collector....

    Tommy, often the public thinks antique cars are very valuable. They get a distorted picture from television, or see exorbitant asking prices, sometimes double the actual value, from dealers and other optimistic sellers. Perhaps you have that impression. However, most antique cars are in the $5000 to $25,000 range, which is about the value of a used Ford Taurus. The expensive cars, say in the $100,000 to $300,000 range, are a tiny sector of what's otherwise an affordable hobby.
  16. Specialized transport of your collector....

    Maybe for cars at the highest end of the market; but people with those specific cars would have to answer for themselves. In those cases, the driver would have to have impeccably clean and new equipment, and be courteous and educated, knowing well the vehicles he is transporting. I don't think you could get a greasy used rig and hire a guy out of high school. In my case, no, because of the high cost: $3 per mile would mean $9000 to cross the country, or $3000-$4000 from the Northeast to Florida. The average car hobbyist needing such single-car transportation could not justify those prices, and he probably has his own trailer and tow vehicle, or goes with a friend when those infrequent needs arise.
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  18. glove box door

    They come chrome steel or padded. You can get a chrome one and paint it though.
  19. I'm fishing here....thanks for reading. For those of you with highly specialized valuable vehicles, would you pay extra to have your vehicle transported in a single unit enclosed carrier? If so, would it be worth a minimum of $3 per loaded mile to do so? Thanks in advance!

    Tom has discussed this before. Apparently the rim codes do not always match up with the centers we expect to go with them, so we have to take our own measurements to be sure what we have.
  21. Selling Mom's 89 Reatta

    Hello, I finally convinced my folks it's time to sell Mom's sunday driver. She's the third owner as far as we know, it was purchased from the lady next door before she passed away. It has always been garage kept and the most recent tags on it expired in 2007. It ran as recently as a few years ago, but now cranks and won't start. Is in good overall condition otherwise, with a few minor exceptions. We have all records from 66,000 miles, has almost 150,000 now. They would like to get $1500 for it, but I think would be open to offers. Most importantly, my Mom loved driving this car and would like to see it put to good use. Located in Southern Michigan. See additional info below. Thanks. Bob Year:_____1989__ Coupe: X____ Conv:____ Mileage:_149,975_________ Considered Correct? (Y/N) Y Location:________Jackson, MI__________________________ VIN:___________1G4EC11C0KB903408_____________________ Title: Clear_X_ Salvage____ Other___ Any Accident History? (Y/N) MINOR HIT TO REAR, LEFT A COUPLE SCUFFS IN PAINT Asking Price: $ 1500 Willing to take trade (Y/N) N Exterior Color: BLACK Interior Color: TAN Paint Original? (Y/N) Y Paint Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) EXCELLENT Belt & Bumper Molding Color: (Black/Body Color) Body Dents: (Y/N)N If Y where__________________ Body Rust: (Y/N) N If Y where__________________ Windshield Chipped or Cracked? (Y/N) CRACK, I THINK ON DRIVERS SIDE If Y to what extent? Vent Glass Intact? (Y/N) Y If N please describe which one is damaged and how damaged. Rubber surround molding for windshield condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD I THINK (Coupe only) Rubber surround molding for rear window condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD I THINK Out Side Mirrors Intact? (Y/N) Y Headlight Motors Function Correctly? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED Tail Light Lens: (Clear/Cloudy/Cracked) (Convertable only) Convertable Top Material: (Vinyl or Cloth) Convertable Top Color? Convertable Top Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Please describe any flaws or problems with the convertible top. Interior Original? (Y/N) Y 16 Way Seats? (Y/N) I THINK SO Works (Y/N) Y Suede bolsters? (88 only) (Y/N) Seat Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Drivers interior door panel condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Passengers interior door panel condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Center console top armrest condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Door weather stripping condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Headliner Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Carpet Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD, FADED SOME Original Floor Mats: (Y/N) NOT KNOWN Floor Mat Condition: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Condition of Steering Wheel Leather: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Sun Roof? (Y/N) N Works? (Y/N) Functional Keyless Entry? (Y/N) UNSURE Both Remotes? (Y/N) THINK SO Problems with Electronic Dash items? (Y/N) NO If Y describe problems: Power Windows Work Correctly? (Y/N) Y Power Seats Work Correctly? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED Power Door Locks Work Correctly? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED Power Antenna Work Correctly? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED Original Sound System? (Y/N) Y Factory CD Player? (90-91 only) (Y/N) Sound System Fully Functional? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED If N what are the problems (i.e. tape player, CD, speakers, noise): Aftermarket Sound System Equipment? (Y/N) If Y describe: A/C Functional? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED If N describe problem: Has the A/C been converted from R12 to R134A? (Y/N) DON'T BELIEVE SO Does the suspension require any attention? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED If Y describe what is needed Tire Brand: GOODYEAR Remaining Tread: NOT SURE BUT GOOD TREAD LEFT Are All Tires Matched? (Y/N) Y Factory Wheels? (Y/N) Y If N describe the non stock wheel Factory Wheel Center Caps Condition: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) EXCELLENT Missing Caps? (____) number0 Any Brake Components Replaced? (Y/N) MANY PARTS REPLACED WHILE WE OWNED IT If Y describe the part(s) replaced and when? Last Time Brake System Was Flushed? NOT KNOWN Original Engine? (Y/N) Y If N when replaced and how many miles on replacement? Original Engine Rebuilt? (Y/N) If Y when and how many miles ago? Does Engine require attention? (Y/N) NOT RUNNING, NO KNOWN ISSUES WHEN LAST RUNNING If Y what needs to be done. When was last tune up? Does the engine, cooling system, power steering, or brake system leak any fluids? (Y/N) If Y describe in detail what is leaking, to what extent. How often do you change the oil? Original Transmission? (Y/N) If N when replaced and how many miles on replacement? Original Transmission Rebuilt? (Y/N) If Y when and how many miles ago? Does Transmission require attention? (Y/N) APPEARS TO HAVE TRANS COOLER LINE LEAK, LEAKS TRANS FLUID WHEN MOVED FROM DRIVERS FRONT If Y what needs to be done? When was last Transmission Service? Any Transmission Leaks? (Y/N) If Y to what extent? Have CV joints been replaced? (Y/N) If Y when and how many miles ago? I have (all/most/some/no) receipts for this vehicle's service history. (or, for example I have (all/most/some/no) receipts for service for the last ___ years and ______ miles) ALL RECORDS SINCE 66,000 MILES Does the car have the owners manual portfolio? For 90/91 Reattas only, does the owners manual portfolio contain: Craftsmen?s Log (Y/N) Tire gauge (Y/N) Flashlight (Y/N) Buick Road Atlas (Y/N) In General, What items need attention? My Reatta Drives: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) I am the __3RD____owner of this Reatta. I have owned this Reatta for __14?___ Years and/or _____ Months. Contact Me at __517_ _937__ __8498__ or email me at _RLANE697________@___GMAIL_._COM__
  22. 2018 Eastern Spring Meet??

    To echo Earl's comment, the folks from Chesapeake Region are a fine group of enthusiasts who are ready willing and able to put on a great event. We will be there. Terry
  23. Speedster Builds.............

    Joe, That is a very interesting read. Especially where the author suggested that most housewives probably know more about mechanics that the man of the house did! I would venture a guess that a good portion of early automobiles were bought used in my area. I have the original sales contract for a 1922 Dodge Bros. touring car bought new by my grand-dad in 1927. I think the total cost was $240. dollars. I still have the remains of that car as well as the original title, license, and sales agreement. That grand-dad never purchased a new car and this Dodge was the last car he purchased. My mother said he just didn't think he needed another car and was happy to do things the old way. Joe, how are the wheels on your Mitchell? Are they 25-26 or27"? Al
  24. glove box door

    i need just a painted one no padding just steel thanks
  25. Pre-war? Pre-pre-war? WWI you mean?

    1918 7 passenger rag top. Plus a second car for parts, has all non-wood parts (wood rotted away, car fell apart). E-49 both of them
  26. 1913 REO

    Fantastic find. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
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